Arizona - +394 over NASHIVLLE

Pinnacl-½ +394 BET365 -½ +375 SportInteraction -½ +350 BetOnline -½ +385 Bookmaker -½ +350

Posted at 10:45 AM EST.

Arizona -½ +394 over NASHVILLE

8:08 PM EST. Regulation only. On the surface, perhaps one could justify this price on the Predators, but a closer look under the hood shows that not only are the Coyotes not the worst puck possession team in this league, but they actually rank just two positions lower than the Preds.

So if these teams are pretty close to even in most areas, the biggest discrepancy is obviously in net. If you could tell us who the hotter goaltender would be in any game, we’d be able to give you the winner more often than not.

Situationally, this is a tough spot for Nashville. They return home after a six-game roadie that saw them hit Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, and St. Louis, where they were dominated, but still escaped with a point in a 4-3 overtime loss. There is little rest for the weary in this NHL season. After this quick one-game pit stop at home, the Preds must pack back up and hit the road—back to The Great White North—for games in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. If there was a night to take a breather in—this is it and besides all that, Nashville shouldn’t be priced this high even if they were playing the Arizona Cardinals for fuck sakes. Arizona is not going 1-81.


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Our Pick

Arizona - +394 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 7.88)

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