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N.Y. Jets +146 over CLEVELAND

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Posted at 11:00 AM EST.

8:20 PM EST. What's left to be said about the Browns except that week after week after hopeless week, they find new and painful ways not to win. Last week, the Brownies once again deserved a better fate in New Orleans, but they were done in by bad kicking. That story was told again and again on the highlight shows, but it's important to ignore all of that noise. The pundits have painted a picture that the Browns are a tough-luck side that should be better off after two weeks than the standings suggest, but that is just not true. In Week 1, they had a highly publicized tie with the Steelers and while that result was comical to some, it really flattered the Brownies. Pittsburgh turned the ball over six times and still had a shot to win after dominating the Browns in total yardage (+145). Don't forget that Cleveland was down 14-points with seven minutes to go until the bounces really started going its way. Regardless, when you are +5 in turnovers ina game, you’re supposed to win by at least 21 points. Not the Brownies. They didn’t even win. Winning does not become easier after each loss, instead, it becomes illusive.

After making an impact in his debut on Monday Night Football, Sam Darnold became the toast of the town, as he was crowned as the next great Jets quarterback. In all fairness, that list is pretty short because, since the days of "Broadway Joe", Gang Green has been looking for a pivot they can build their franchise around. The path from Namath to Darnold is littered with capable hands like Ken O'Brien, Boomer Esiason and Chad Pennington but no one has made such a first impression as the number three overall pick in 2018 out of USC. When you play in a city like New York, where the lights are at their brightest, it's easy to be the best and worst player from week-to-week. Just ask Eli Manning. Darnold and the Jets stock was high last week with the hype machine working overtime behind them, but that 20-12 home loss to the Dolphins has knocked them back down a bunch of pegs. Although the result was a defeat, Darnold put up bigger passing numbers in Week 2 than he did in his highly touted debut. The former Trojan became the youngest player ever to throw for over 300 yards in a game.

Players and coaches all know the point spread, but we can appreciate Jets utility man Terrelle Pryor trying to downplay that fact, "It means nothing to me. It means nothing to Cleveland; it means nothing to the Jets. Paper is paper. There are so many teams that are underdogs and they're coming out and beating guys. It really doesn't matter." If you buy that, we have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

There is no chance that to a man, the Jets do not feel disrespected as an underdog to a team that hasn't won a game in over 600 days. It doesn't matter if this contest was being played in Paul Brown's backyard and Otto Graham was the quarterback --the Browns cannot be laying weight to anyone. When these two teams played last season, the Brownies were just four games into this epic run of defeats and the Jets were a -1½-point favorite in Cleveland. Since then, Gang Green has gotten better, while the Brownies have failed every test put in front of them. For most teams, a prime-time game is something to be celebrated, but for the Browns, the pressure to get off the schnide is intense and now the wrong team is favored here. Act accordingly.

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Our Pick

N.Y. Jets +146 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.92)

Survivor Pick for Week 3
NFL Survivor Pick

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Posted Thursday Sept 20 at 11:00 AM EST.

Week 3 Survivor Picks

Well, we dodged a bullet with Denver last week but we play on nonetheless. In order to navigate through an entire year with one winner per week, you are going to have to dodge a bullet or two. This week is a tough one. 65% of poolies will be on the Vikes and it’s hard to go against that. You may see some peeps on the Rams but that’s dangerous because the Chargers are such a damn live dog when they aren't favored.

In fact, we can only find one other game besides Minnesota that we’re feeling comfortable with. The Eagles, Texans, Chiefs and Patriots are all risky as hell. Baltimore is priced in the same range as that aforementioned quartet and of the five, we prefer the Ravens most of all. Baltimore has had 10 days to prepare for this one and have played outstanding football in six of the eight quarters they have played thus far. Meanwhile, the Broncs have played two home games against two very beatable opponents and it took everything they had to beat the Raiders by a point on the final play of the game last week. In Week 1, Denver just got by Seattle by three points. The Broncos will now play their first road game of the season.

It would be easy to play the Vikes this week, as it’s probably the lock of the year, especially considering that the Vikes didn't win laast week. However, we’re going to put the Vikes in our pocket and hopefully get a chance to use them later, as they have several soft spots in their schedule, including hosting the Cardinals on October 4.

We also had another idea. In Survivor, you have to pick a straight up winner every week. The last man standing likely has to go all 16 weeks without a loser. What if one were to take $100, or whatever and bet one team STRAIGHT UP each week for the remaining 14 weeks. All winnings are parlayed onto the next week. Well, we’re going to try that and here is our first bet and recommendation for Week 3. If this wager wins, we’ll parlay those winnings onto a straight up winner next week. To view our ticket for this bet, click here.

Week 3 pick – Baltimore straight up.

Baltimore √

Denver √

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Last 30 Days1080.00+7.86
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