St. Louis @ VEGAS
St. Louis - +177 over VEGAS

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Posted at 1:45 PM EST.

St. Louis -½ +177 over VEGAS

10:05 PM EST. The Golden Knights are 1-1 in the early going with a win over the expansion Kraken and a loss to the Kings. Not a big deal but what is a big deal is that the Knights have several key players out, not to mention some heart and soul players that they lost via free agency or trades. From our viewpoint, the Golden Knights look very ordinary right now and even that might be a stretch. The Kings not only walked all over Vegas but also held a massive edge in time of possession in the offensive end and held a massive edge in shots on goal (47-25) too. The Vegas Golden Knights have never looked more beatable than they do right now and although it’s very early, isn’t that the best time to attack before the market catches up?   

The Blues are 2-0 but they beat an Avalanche team that was minus several players and they beat an Arizona team that lost 8-2 to Columbus last week. The Blues two wins to open the year are not nearly as resonating as being swept by the Avalanche in the first round last year in one of the least competitive playoff series ever. The point is that where other folks see pain, we see an opportunity to buy low before it’s too late. 

With Ryan O’Reilly, Brayden Schenn and Robert Thomas down the middle, the Blues already have a decent spine, so getting better along the edges was paramount this past offseason. Doug Armstrong swapped fourth-liner Sammy Blais for a first-line winger in Pavel Buchnevich, although Buchnevich was suspended for two games and will not play tonight. He signed Brandon Saad too. Thomas and Jordan Kyrou have enormous potential. We’re not sure why the Blue Notes underperformed to such a high degree last year but we have not seen a team that looks more prepared or hungry than the Blue Notes in the early going and thus, we must play them when the price is this sweet for them to win in regulation. Vegas is also a good fade. 


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Our Pick

St. Louis - +177 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.54)

RangeWLP+/- (Units)
Last 30 Days4130.00-13.08
Season to Date4130.00-13.08