Los Angeles @ MONTREAL
Los Angeles - +200 over MONTREAL

Pinnacle -½ +196 BET365 -½ +200 SportInteraction -½ +190 BetOnlin-½ +195 Bookmaker -½ +200

Posted at 4:45 PM EST.

Los Angeles -½ +200 over MONTREAL

7:05 PM EST. Regulation only. The Canadiens have outshot their past two opponents 38-16 and 38-35 but they have been outscored over that span by a sick count of 11-4 because their goaltending is not keeping them in games. When Montreal outplays the opposition, they may win but when they don’t outplay them, they seldom win because their goalies aren’t coming up with big saves. Of course, we have no idea if that is going to change here but what we do know is that it’s extremely frustrating for a team to outplay the opposition and keep losing. Furthermore, Montreal is not going to win too many 6-5 games because they struggle to score so getting into shootouts is not the style of play that they want to employ. Without adequate goaltending, Montreal will continue to lose a lot of hockey games because they don’t have the offense firepower to compensate.

L.A.’s 5-1 win over Toronto last night was no fluke. The Kings are out-hustling just about every team they play these days and they are doing it with both speed and style. L.A. ranks 4th in GF% while Montreal ranks 21st. The Kings have outplayed, outshot and out-chanced eight of the 12 teams they have played thus far and there is no reason they can’t go into Montreal, put forth another solid effort and emerge victorious against this extremely fragile host right now.


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Los Angeles - +200 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 4.00)

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