Philadelphia @ PITTSBURGH
PITTSBURGH - +131 over Philadelphia

Pinnacle -½ +131 BET365 -½ +120 SportInteraction  -½ +115 BetOnline -½ +130 Bookmaker -½ +120

Posted at 10:45 AM EST.

PITTSBURGH -½ +131 over Philadelphia

7:10 PM EST. Regulation only. After eight games, the Flyers are 5-2-1 while the Pens are just 3-3-2, however, when we factor in recency bias, it adds up to getting the Penguins at a discount. You see, the Penguins have dropped three in a row while Philadelphia has won four of its last five including two straight but we’re not buying Philadelphia’s success for a second.

Philadelphia is coming off a 3-0 win over Arizona. That game was 0-0 with about 11 minutes left and it was 0-0 because Carter Hart had a great game. Arizona outchanced Philadelphia 25-22 and the game was in Philadelphia. The game prior to Arizona, Philadelphia was outchanced 29-12. We could go on and on about the ineptness of the Flyers but instead, we’ll just reiterate that they are dead last in the NHL in scoring chances per 60 minutes. In time spent in the offensive end during five-on-five play, Philadelphia ranks 28th while the Penguins rank 13th.

Pittsburgh does not have market appeal right now because they’re still missing Crosby and Malkin and because they’ve lost three in a row. We, on the other hand, couldn't care less and actually prefer that pair out because if they were in, we might not get this opportunity to play Pittsburgh at such a favorable price. As for Pittsburgh’s three losses, well, they lost to the red-hot Flames 4-0 and also lost to Tampa 5-1 before losing to the Devils, 4-2. Philadelphia also lost 4-0 to Calgary but the difference is that Pittsburgh outchanced Calgary 29-24 while Calgary outchanced Philly, 29-12. We took back +375 against the Flyers last game out with the dregs from the desert and in the spirit of sticking with it, our attack on the Flyers will continue here.


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Our Pick

PITTSBURGH - +131 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.62)

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