Arizona - +375 over PHILADELPHIA

Pinnacle -½ +304 BET365 -½ +375 SportInteraction  -½ +295 BetOnlin-½ +300 Bookmaker -½ +300

Posted at 2:45 PM EST.

Arizona -½ +375 over PHILADELPHIA

7:08 PM EST. regulation only. What are we supposed to say about the Coyotes that make them worthy of a wager? We understand that they’re awful but we promise you that they are not going 0-82. Like the Blackhawks, who snapped an eight game winless streak last night, Arizona is closing in on its first win of the year and they could not have handpicked a team as ripe to get beat as the Flyers. Arizona is coming off back to back losses to Carolina and Washington and they were in a position to win them both. They were tied with the Caps in Washington until late in the third and ditto against the ‘Canes. The Coyotes will take a big step down in class when facing the Flyers.

The fewest scoring chances per 60 minutes belongs to Philadelphia this year. In time spent in the offensive end, Philadelphia ranks 31st out of 32 teams and Arizona is not below them. No matter what analytic one puts emphasis on regarding puck possession, shot attempts, scoring chances and all the other non luck driven stats, Arizona comes out ahead of the Flyers in all of them. The Philadelphia Flyers are this year’s biggest frauds and don’t think the oddsmakers haven’t noticed because they have. Philadelphia is -1½ +116 on the puck line, which is hugely enticing to bettors thinking that Arizona is minor league caliber. The Flyers are a weak hockey team folks and anytime we can get this price to beat them, pencil us in immediately.


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Our Pick

Arizona - +375 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 7.50)

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