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NHL Playoffs - Game 4
ST. LOUIS - +122 over San Jose

BEST LINES:  Pinnacle -½ +122 BET 365 -½ +120 SportsInteraction -½ +120 5DIMES  -½ +120

Posted at 11:05 AM EST. 

8:08 PM EST. Regulation only. We really hate to give the Sharks a half puck here because they’re such a good team that is obviously capable of winning but they are going to be up against a lot more than the Blues here, which is going to put them at a big disadvantage. The National Hockey League doesn’t need fixing but the idiots that sit in a conference room and approve or disapprove all the rule changes needs massive fixing. Those that decide what is reviewable and what is not might be the biggest group of executive idiots in the world. One really can’t blame the refs for what has transpired this postseason although it is literally perplexing how four refs missed a blatant hand pass in OT last game that cost the Blues a potential win. It is the third time this postseason that the Sharks have hugely benefited from blatantly missed calls by the zebras. There will be compensation and that compensation will be paid tonight, that you can bet on.

In other words, one can count on the Sharks to be short-handed if they so as much breathe on a Blues’ players. The refs LOVE to be the center of attention and they are going to be in a very hostile environment that will boo them off the ice should they miss anything. Not only will there be compensation, there will be overcompensation from the tiniest of infractions. We promise you, without question that the Sharks are going to spend much more time in the box tonight than the Blues. If the Sharks had a Tuukka Rask like goaltender in net, we probably wouldn’t make this wager but they don’t. Martin Jones cannot handle an onslaught of shots or being under siege for long stretches. He continues to give up soft goals and remains the Sharks biggest liability. We’re confidently wagering that the refs will make sure that the Blues are given every opportunity to win here because they messed up so badly in three games already in the Sharks favor with the latest one resounding so incredibly loud in social media and beyond the last 36 hours. The Sharks have to beat more than the Blues here and with their shaky goaltending, we don’t trust they can overcome it.

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Our Pick

ST. LOUIS - +122 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.44)

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