KANSAS CITY -7 -102 over Green Bay

Pinnacle -7 -102 BET365 -7 -110 SportInteraction  -7 -110 BetOnline 7 -105 Bookmaker -7 -110

Posted at 10:00 AM EST.

KANSAS CITY -7 -102 over Green Bay

4:25 PM EST. If you came here because you thought we were going to unload on Aaron Rodgers’ unvaccinated ass, we must apologize, but in a week when an active player made the decision to drive drunk at 156 MPH, literally killing an innocent person, our outrage is tapped. Honestly, at this point, if a rich weirdo like Rodgers wants to call Joe Rogan and get holistic treatments, visit a chiropractor or even a witch doctor, we couldn’t care less.  Here’s a thought, let’s maybe stop holding these guys to some higher standard because they can throw the football about, ya know? We don’t recall any outrage over a pair of unvaccinated Packers’ wide receivers in Devante Adams and Alan Lazard missing Week 8 due to contracting COVID-19, so why all the backlash for Rodgers? Because he lied when he declared himself “immunized?” He’s entitled.

The 7-1 Packers will now turn to second-year man Jordan Love, who they drafted in the first round in 2020, much to Rodgers’ chagrin. Wouldn’t it be something if this is the moment the football world finds out Love truly is the heir apparent to #12? What if the Packers’ brass discovers they do not need Rodgers and his diva act because of his diva act. That would be rather ironic, would it not be? The storylines in this one at least are entertaining.

We need only to look back one week to have seen an unproven understudy step up and fill in admirably on a championship contender after Cooper Rush shocked the football world, upsetting the Vikings, who were a popular pick after it was reported Dak Prescott would miss the game.

Fueling the fire that the Packers will be fine and we all need to “relax” is the fact they will face the Chiefs, who cannot get out of their own way at the moment. Patrick Mahomes has taken the “Madden Curse” to new levels, tempting the football gods with a second turn as the game’s cover athlete. We kid, but Patty ain’t right, and neither is the Kansas City defense, which has been buried in every newspaper and on every talk show after making Daniel Jones look like a star on Monday Night Football. At no point were the Chiefs a threat to cover the double-digit spread, and if not for a zebra stripe assisted final drive, K.C. may not have even won that game. Looking awful against the pitiful Giants does not do much for one’s market appeal.

In the spirit of sticking with it, we are going to lean to the Chiefs again this week. It’s tempting to back the Packers here, genuinely. They’ve had 10 days to prepare after going into the desert and hanging the first loss on the Cardinals without Adams or Lazard. This is going to look like a significant pile of points to spot with a defense that can’t stop anybody and an offense that is sputtering, but that’s the point. With a number like -7½ at open and all week, oddsmakers were begging folks to bite on that “hook" and the market responded by doing so. That's one of our prompts to move in.


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Our Pick

KANSAS CITY -7 -102 (Risking 2.04 units - To Win: 2.00)

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