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Arizona @ DALLAS
Arizona +100 over DALLAS

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Posted at 3:30 PM EST.

Arizona +100 over DALLAS

8:15 PM EST. Well, this is interesting. We’re exactly like all of you. We read and hear all the rumblings on the ever-present 24-hour NFL news cycle. You can turn to a million different resources and hear the same thing over and over and the narrative this week regarding the Cowboys is that Andy Dalton is the best backup QB in the league. So, while the beat writers, media and market get to ooh and ahh over Andy Dalton being the NFL’s best backup, let’s not forget that all Dalton offered up every week when he was with Cinci was a new shade of vomit. Yes, the Red Rifle has cemented his position as the worst franchise quarterback in NFL history. He started there for 11 straight years and ended up with nothing to show for it. At least Dave Krieg won a playoff game and now the market is salivating over Dalton because he has more weapons? He also has a worse defense, which means he might have to play catch-up. Don’t forget what Baker Mayfield and the Brownies did to the ‘Boys defense. Don’t forget that Dallas has little protection up front to protect Howdy Doody. 

You may recall after the first two weeks of the season that the market and media were referring to Kyler Murray as a legit MVP contender. That talk has quickly been squashed after the Cardinals would go on to lose their next two games to the Lions and Panthers respectfully. Last week Arizona beat the Jets but that’s nothing more than a glorified practice so the market will put no stock in that. 

Look, Dallas gave up 34 points to the Giants last week. That’s hard to do. The week prior, Cleveland hung 49 on them. The week prior, the Seahawks put up 38. The week prior, Dallas was lucky to get by Atlanta, 40-39 but they gave up 39. How many points will the Cardinals put up tonight? We have no idea but we’re not going to trust a backup QB to throw punches with them. The Cowboys are forced to make a change at QB this week and it’s not an improvement. For Dallas to get right-sided, it will require a real recommitment on the part of everyone -- and that's not happening anytime soon. Dallas is 2-3 but could easily be 0-5 and now they’re favored with a downgrade at QB against such a dangerous foe? That cannot be.


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Our Pick

Arizona +100 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.00)