NBA Playoffs Game 4
ATLANTA -5 -106 over New York

Pinnacle -5-102 BET365 -5 -105 SportsInteraction -5 -110 BetOnline -5 -110 Bookmaker -5 -110

Posted at 11:15 AM EST. 

ATLANTA -4½ over New York

1:05 PM EST, What is a team like the Knicks – average of 107 ppg in the regular season and now failing to reach its average in three playoff games – gonna do when it gets to Atlanta and takes only +4 points? ‘Lose and not cover the spread was the correct answer and we see no reason to come off that position for Game 4. The Knicks were practically being hailed as championship-caliber after shooting a measly 38.3% to win Game 2 at home. Such is the desperation of the NBA and the media to hype the large-market team out of the shadows it has been living in. New York followed that up with a 35.8% shooting night in Game 3’s loss. Since before Game 1, we figured that this was the Hawks’ series to lose -- not New York’s to win – especially after the Knicks put so many people into their corner by getting the #4 seed in the regular season’s 11th hour. We faded the Knicks too many times down the stretch than we care to remember but it was only a matter of time before this paper tiger came back down to earth, yet they’re still getting too much credit in these small chalk prices. No reason to jump ship now.


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Our Pick

ATLANTA -5 -106 (Risking 2.12 units - To Win: 2.00)

MILWAUKEE -5 -103 over Brooklyn