NEVER pay for picks!

Aug 11, 2016

It’s the first week in August and it’s the time of the year that sports tout services begin a marketing push that rivals “Trivalgo”. Sports betting is big business with billions wagered each year. Let us repeat that….billions of bucks are wagered every year, which is why tout services are so prosperous. Various titles besides tout services are used to identify these outfits like “Betting Experts” and/or Professional Handicappers” among others. You’ll also see claims like: 15 straight years of winning, 26-5 in preseason NFL, undefeated in his 10 star play of the year over the past 10 years or 40-9 on Monday Night Football. You’ll see the same bullshit claims for Sunday Night and Thursday Night football as well.

We URGE you to never pay for picks! Never! These outfits know less than you in regards to betting on sports. These army of handicappers are nothing more than a bunch of loudmouths that are great at marketing but absolutely do not have a better chance of picking a winner than you do. They’ll get you to believe they have “inside information” on a certain game among other ludicrous claims. If a true sharp handicapper truly had an edge, he would guard it. These vultures are doing nothing but seeking out desperate customers who are willing to pay for picks.

No business is shrewder than hiding the simple truth that would put them out of business: These individuals or outfits DO NOT WIN, THEY RARELY WIN, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT WINNING and the only thing they are after are suckers willing to pay for picks. If they were winning, they would NOT need your credit card number to charge 50.00 on. They would be betting $1000’s a game and living on some luxurious island instead of begging for your credit card number for $25.00. They are lowlifes, PERIOD and there are zero exceptions to this rule.

One of the ploys they use is to give out a guaranteed winner or you do not pay. Sounds reasonable, no? What happens next is that 100 people will call and they’ll give 50 people one side and 50 people the other. After the game is final, they’ll have 50 customers locked in or at least interested. They’ll go on to say, “Look, one win proves nothing. Let us give you another free pick and when it wins, you’ll come back and we’ll talk some business. Ok? Is that fair, David? Of course the unsuspecting potential client named David says sure. So, tout service does the same thing. He now has 50 people that he could call back after giving out the first winner and he gives 25 potential clients one side and 25 potential clients the other side. 25 of them are now 2-0 and ready to be fleeced out of thousands of dollars while the other 25 are 1-1 and they’ll try and work those ones too. We’re using small numbers too. Assume that 1000 people called the original offer of a guaranteed free play. There are other ploys they use too but that’s just an example of the dirty scoundrels you’ll be dealing with if you unfortunately get involved with them.

The lies about winning picks are merely the short con in advance of the long game, which is to get you to dish out thousands. They will ALWAYS make sure to ask you how much you wager on each game so they know who they are dealing with. A player that bets $50.00 a game will get charged much less by the service than someone that wagers $500 or $1000 a game.  

Tout services advertise only winning records and it’s all BULLSHIT. Operating a tout service is an ongoing sleight of hand beginning with those records and we can’t stress enough to avoid these con artists at all costs.

Selling picks in six or more sports, plus different bets in each, plus the ability to segregate plays by the number of units, gives touts dozens of options from which to advertise on any given day. They can say stuff like 15-2 over the past 6 days. That attracts customers but what they don’t say is that they went 20-65 over the previous 85 games. Again, it’s all sleight of hand.

The biggest “touts” in the business are often just the ones with the best marketing. A study in 2006 looked at the “top-200” touts at and found that not one had a lifetime win rate of 55% percent. 10 years later and just 4% of those 200 tout services are still in business. When they go out of business, they just move down the street and open up under a different name. 

There was a movie released in 2000 called Boiler Room. It explores greed and corruption in American business in the running of a small stock brokerage firm. There are some great scenes in which we see cold calls to prospective clients and it is not unlike tout services. Turns of dialogue ring compellingly true and if you want to get an idea of how tout services operate, watch this film because it is so similar and the well-chosen cast (including Ben Affleck) carry the inflections of the drama with some style.

In the end, not only will you lose money, you are going to pay to lose. It’s hard enough to overcome the vig and now you also have to overcome your credit card statement at the end of the month. Think about it for a second. These are guys that claim they win, yet they will settle for a $25.00 credit card payment. The claims you see on dozens of sites are ALL baloney.  It’s a losing battle folks and once again, I am personally URGING you to not pay for picks, EVER, EVER, EVER!  

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