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Early leans & analysis
What you see below is our early leans. Many of the selections below will stay the same and some will be moved into official plays with wagers on Sunday. ...
Southern Indiana +105 over Bowling Green
4:00 PM EST. As the last game we have written up today, we?re not going to make this long-winded, as time is of the essence. That said, you can trust us when we strongly...
Kent State +4½ -104 over Buffalo
1:00 PM EST. The Bulls have some curb appeal by way of the ?must win angle? along with the ?revenge factor? coupled with Kent State?s low...
Northwestern +15 -106 over Illinois
3:30 PM ET. We know what you are thinking, who on Earth would bet a team that has only one win on the year? A win which was not even attained...
Wisconsin -3½ +100 over Minnesota
3:30 PM EST. You didn?t think we?d pass up this opportunity to fade ?Row the Boat? and his band of merry Gophers one more time did you? Truth...
Texas Tech +114 over Oklahoma
7:30 PM EST. As we approach the holidays, a few things will be going around the fireside in addition to candied yams, stuffing, and cranberry...
Washington St +105 over Washington
10:30 PM EST. Last week, we faded Washington when we believed they subjected to an overreaction from their stock being catapulted...
Pittsburgh -½ +119 over Toronto
7:08 PM EST. Regulation only. We faded the Maple Leafs yesterday in Minnesota, thus in the spirit of sticking with it, we?re going to come...
Vancouver +160 over Vegas
10:08 PM EST. OT included. Situationally speaking, this looks like a good spot to step in and fade the Golden Knights, as the Canucks catch...





Nov 22, 2022 12:58:17
The SF Ncaab game I like, but see Wichita favored everywhere and you have SF -2.5...was that a typo for your write-up or something up???
It's just line movement. The market is hammering the Shockers.
Nov 15, 2022 15:44:51
Brian, I know last night as a rough one and the NHL hasn't been good to you lately. Heck, I'm going through a brutal 3-15 slide in the NHL with my own picks. I would actually be pretty close to even if the OT games worked out in my favour but I know that 3-15 slide can also turn into a 15-3 run with value on my side. Keep plugging away! The kiss of death in the NHL will turn into the hand of winning soon!
Thanks RV, Appreciate the encouraging words.
Nov 15, 2022 02:30:08
About your Calgary wager last night...You can chalk it up to luck, officiating, whatever - at the end of the day the NHL has the most parity out of any pro sports and a reason why I believe it should be bet live based on momentum swings and other factors - similar to how you approach NBA. I don't study the analytics, I'm a very casual bettor, but. if you know a little bit of history, a bit about the coach, have a bit of a read on how certain players - well known or not - are doing, and have watched the game for the most part, you can sort of see some of the collapses or conquests coming - sometimes. Basically, you the patterns to spot are out there - live - and while there is more juice on the bets usually, books haven't yet correctly capitalized on these things. While some say the 'golden age' of gambling has just begun, in reality it has long passed. That said, with a new trillon dollar market emerging, there's an edge thats still there just based on the 'efficient market' as you like to call it. With AI helping prediction/models become more accurate in real time, I'm worried that at some point down the road, not too long from now, this may change. TBH, I haven't tailed a lot of your NHL plays for quite a while now (years) because as you say they seemingly end up as the kiss of death when everything appears to be in theit favour. But of course, I love the write-ups, I read em all, and I use em to make informed decisions. Thanks as always, and when the as usual I'll complain about not enough live betting segments. A once a month or bi-monthly thing would be neat. I know you guys do for fun, but it would be cool and might help grow things a little. Cheers, thanks again for this gem of a site.
Appreciate it that a lot BJ and we will absolutely so some live seminars soon. B