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                               In 2017 we finished +101.33 units to the good.

Arizona +152 over BOSTON
7:05 PM EST. OT included. We’re not crazy about the Coyotes because they have been stuck in mediocrity for so...
Toronto -½ +129 over CAROLINA
7:05 PM EST. Regulation only. In a game against the Red Wings last week, Toronto was a massive favorite and we...
Montreal +140 over MINNESOTA
8:05 PM EST. OT included. Goaltending remains the number one deciding factor in the outcome of games. Last night...


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Dec 8, 2018 23:49:46
Sir, I constantly recommend people visit your site for info. You at one time had a piece telling bettors which websites paid out and which were shams. I don't see it now. Also some of your articles on touts and other subjects are very interesting, I suggest on a slow day of sports, perhaps you could feature them, because those writings are a must read for any gambler Thank you for your work and keep winning
Thank you Tom. I will see if I can list those sham websites again (I think after I updated look of site I lost them), and also feature some of those other writings on the home page. Thanks for suggestion and kind words.
Dec 8, 2018 19:38:11
Honestly, not trying to be a dick but I’m pretty sure you’ve lost 75% of the bets against Washington. I know they’re up 2-0 as we speak and you’ll likely mention that in your response but you should honestly put them on your no bet against list after years and years of them consistently taking your money. I’m serious, have you ever considered staying away from them ? You just keep digging ... all the best though Brian. I really appreciate the website and your work but I honestly feel you need to lay off the Captials lol
Thanks Todd. Duly noted and I don't think you're trying to be a dick. All the best to you too
Dec 6, 2018 20:16:55
I love the site. Great work. But one question. In tonights Titans Jags game u said pinnacle took a clear position on Ten at -5.5. I dont see it. I looked everything over on vegas lines and odds offshore and it looks like most outlets went to -5.5 around the same time. many even beat pinni to the punch. how do u figure that Pinni took a clear position? I dont see it. i was on the Jags all the way but now second guessing.....
Jason, it can be really tricky sometimes. About 6:30 PM EST, Pinnacle had Titans at -5½ and almost everyone else had then at -5. What happened earlier during the day is of no concern to me. My philosophy regarding Pinny taking a position does not occur during the day but rather at that peak time when the public starts hammering the game. On Sunday afternoon, for instance, it would be between 11:30 AM EST and 12:30 PM EST for the NFL slate of games. Hope this helps somewhat my friend.
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