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Baltimore (GM 2) +140 over Boston
6:10 PM EST, Game 2 of the Doubleheader and at the time of this writing it appeared as though the Red Sox were in position to win Game 1....
Detroit +140 over Cleveland
4:10 PM EST. Shane Bieber (RHP - CLE) continues to be overpriced despite a downward trend in some key metrics. Bieber made his bread as...
Charles Schwab Challenge
This is one of the weeks that the purists most look forward to. Despite being the best part of a century old, Colonial has stood the test of...







May 28, 2022 15:18:14
Hey Sherwood, quick question in terms of bankroll management. Im up in one of my books but the other one I'm down about 25%. I'm still betting 2 units per game but I round it to the closest 100. Would you suggest to just keep this going this or to top up the 25%?
May 23, 2022 08:51:13
Hi Sherwood, been a loyal follower for over 12 years and have to say that I have never in my life seen anyone have more bad beats than you. From that $500,000 proline ticket you got robbed in to yesterday’s PGA championship to 1000’s of games being lost in the final inning or minute, it’s not believable. Your selections are so good that you have to be extremely unlucky to lose while most others have to be extremely lucky to win. If things ever change, you’re owed about 10,000 units over the years and that might be conservative. Anyway, thanks for making me a smarter gambler.
Steve Z
Thanks.....I guess.
May 22, 2022 20:38:26
Hello Brian, I wanted to say thanks for your daily picks and resources. You truly have made me a sharper bettor with your analysis. I was wondering what your views are about specific sports when it comes to betting. It seems the books are sharper with NFL than say NHL. Are the sports which are less popular by nature provide more value for the average bettor?
Big Fan
Thanks for the kind words. The best value is in college basketball and college football. There are so many teams that it is virtually inmpossible for the books to be sharp on all games. They are sharp with lines in college when Power-5 conferences are involved but once you get to these lower-tiered conferences, there's great value to be had. In summarizing, study teams (conferences) that get very little media exposure. Teams like Grambling, Norfolk St and dozens of others for example.