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                               In 2017 we finished +101.33 units to the good.

#349 Ohio State -13 -103 over MARYLAND
12:00 PM EST. Regular readers of this section know how opposed we are to spotting road points, especially with...
#347 Mid-Tennessee St +16 -110 over KENTUCKY
12:00 PM EST. A second loss often bursts the bubble for contending teams. The bubble-burst phenomenon has always...
#402 OKLAHOMA -35 -105 over Kansas
7:30 PM EST. A lot of things can go wrong when spotting such a lofty number but weve gone over every scenario ...
#386 TEXAS A&M -17 -105 over UAB
7:00 PM EST. UAB is coming off a 26-23 OT win over one-time Conference USA overlord, Southern Miss so one can...
#421 San Diego St +13 -106 over FRESNO ST
10:30 PM EST. Fresno State had a chance to make a statement last week in a big game against Boise but could not...
Columbus - +176 over CAROLINA
7:05 PM EST. A flu bug has ripped through the Blue Jackets locker room, but they practiced our next man up theory to ...
NASHVILLE -1 +130 over L.A. Kings
8:05 PM. OT Included. Make no mistake, the Kings are the absolute dregs of this league and they are fortunate for...
NFL Picks for Week 11
This year were changing it up a little bit from what regular readers are used to. We have always posted our ...


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Nov 17, 2018 21:02:33
Minnesota -1/2 (3 units) -1 1/2 (1.5 units) and -2.1/2 (0.5 units). Sabres have been getting it done with smoke and mirrors of late. On less than 24 hours rest, they are going to get steamrolled tonight. Go Wild!
Chris G.
Thanks for writing Chris ---AGAIN --- because you are the epitome of HOW NOT TO BET and hopefully, your message will teach our readers even more on what NOT TO DO. We preach never put too much emphasis on one game. That's exactly what you did. We preach to try and not predict outcomes and play value--you tried to predict and disregarded value altogether and I could go on and on regarding the mistakes you continue to make. Oh, and by the way, I didn't see you enter the NHL HANDICAPPING contest either. You talk a big game but I guarantee you get slaughtered in sports betting. I hope one day you learn but I'm skeptical about that too because this message is more proof that you can't wrap your head around the proper way to bet sports. Please take no offense to what I'm saying because it's not personal. Embrace our philosophies and you may have a few extra bucks in your pocket instead of being a blowout artist. Peace out.
Nov 14, 2018 14:02:33
This site has really made me see the advantages not value betting and looking for reverse spreads etc. Keep up the great work !
Thanks very much Chinook
Nov 13, 2018 20:24:36
Amazing game analysis over the years Brian. I have been reading your picks almost every day since I was 20 (Im 32 now) Your in depth research in to games as well as finding serious value is unreal and extremely appreciated! Over the years your picks have helped me live a little more relaxed life so thank you. If possible, Id like to share a screenshot of a parlay I hit this weekend using your 2 picks of the Sens in reg over the bolts and Calgary in reg over LA. Really juiced up my ticket! Speaking of value, as a proud Winnipeger I am thinking about parlaying the bombers (4.10) and jets (11.0) together to both win the cup this year! Add a basketball game on the day you place it and odds are huge! Haha Look forward to reading your picks every day after work man! Thanks again for your hard work. Hunter
Hunter: Your message made my day so thanks for taking the time to send it. We're thrilled you have embraced the strategies and are doing well!
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