NHL Playoffs - Game 5
Toronto - +125 over Tampa Bay

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Eastern Conference Quarterfinal - Game 4

Toronto -½ +125 over Tampa Bay

7:00 PM EST. Regulation only. In the spirit of sticking with it, we are going to have to come right back on the Maple Leafs today after they dug a big hole for themselves in Game 4 in Tampa on Sunday night. It was very quickly 2-0 and then it was 4-0 and there was no coming back.

You’ll read about many trends today. Whoever has scored the first goal has won each game. Neither side has won more than one game before losing the next. The Bolts are 16-0 following a loss during their two latest Stanley Cup runs. You get the idea. You’ll also hear a cliche or two. “It’s now a three-game series.” “We’re not here to win a game, we’re here to win a series.” You know, the same old fodder bull crap.

If you want a technical breakdown of Game 4 from the Leafs' side, there isn’t much to say. Anything that happened from 25:26 on matters not, in our books. It was time to pack up and go home. If you stuck around for the entire 60 minutes, it must have been infinitely more painful, as the game ground to a halt with all the extracurricular activities. The Leafs would spend 30 minutes in the penalty box and the Bolts, 22. It’s getting chippy out there.

Without trying to sound redundant, we are not in the business of trying to predict the outcomes of games. Based on what happened last game, the Bolts look very appealing as a pooch and we cannot be the only ones that feel that way? The Maple Leafs are a tough bet to make if you bet them on Sunday night. We know that because we did and ripped up that ticket in less than five minutes. However, we’re going to stick to our position that Toronto is the superior team that has bounced back before. The outcomes are so luck-driven that predicting them is impossible. What’s not impossible however, is focusing on which team is superior and in that regard, again, we’re sticking with our original position that Toronto is the superior team. Now all we need is the bounces to even out or fall in Toronto’s favor and we’ll be cashing this ticket.

Our Pick

Toronto - +125 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.50)

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