8 NHL Wagers
8 NHL Wagers

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Posted at 2:45 PM EST.

8 NHL Wagers

There is still some time left in the regular season and there is money on the table. We’ve been watching closely this week and these teams that are not going to the playoffs are not lying down. They’ve been eager to take a bite out of those that are. All 16 playoff teams are locked in. There is nothing up for grabs other than a couple of meaningless seedings. On Wednesday, three massive dogs cashed. Last night three significant dogs cashed also (Nashville, Islanders and Jackets with San Jose losing in OT). With more games today, tomorrow and Sunday, opportunity is knocking and we are in full attack mode on these insane take-backs on a slew of very live underdogs. Play them how you want. We are playing them in regulation only.

Montreal -½ +350 over Florida

7:05 PM EST. Regulation only. Hockey is not a game in Montreal, it’s a way of life and what that means is not showing up is not tolerated. We cannot see a scenario where the Canadiens do not play their hearts out. Nobody wants to see their name in the papers if they don’t.

Florida has clinched everything. It’s the first time in their history that they’ll carry the weight of expectations into the playoffs. This is their last game of the season and they probably care more about a cockroach crossing the street than they do about banging around bodies here. Massive overlay.

NY Rangers -½ +145 over Washington

7:05 PM EST. Regulation only. Both of these teams are playoff bound, but we’re not going to pass up one more opportunity to fade the Capitals before the end of the regular season. Don’t worry, we’ll likely be back for more in the first round. Washington didn’t care about its last two games v the Islanders so why would they even remotely care about this one, especially with the Great 8 watching from the rails.

NY Islanders -½ +240 over Tampa Bay

7:35 PM EST. Regulation only. The defending back-to-back champs know what needs to be done tonight and that’s sweet notta. If the Bolts cared they wouldn’t have been outshot, outchanced or outscored by three goals in Columbus last night. The Bolts have played more hockey over the past three years than any team in the league and know how to prepare for the toughest prize in all of sports. That doesn’t include knocking around people on the road in their final game of the year.

Meanwhile, the Islanders play every game like it’s the seventh game of a playoff series because they have a coach that looks like he belongs on the Sopranos.

Winnipeg -½ +190 over Calgary

8:05 PM EST. Regulation only. The Flames are locked in and need this trip to the Manitoba capital like they need a hole in the head. Did anyone check what the weather was in Winnipeg? Calgary played last night in Minnesota and if a trip to Minnesota one day and Winnipeg the next doesn’t bring you down, we don’t know what will.

Anaheim -½ +320 over Dallas

8:35 PM EST. Regulation only. The Stars are a tough team to bet on when the games actually matter because one line counts for 45% of all their scoring. Now after 81 games of pure hell and pressure to get into the playoffs, they finally got in with an OT loss to Arizona on Wednesday. 81 games of blood, sweat and tears and now they can exhale a big sigh of relief and they’ll do so with garbage goaltending.

The Stars’ improbable Cup run aside, this franchise has been little more than a team that’s just there for the better part of the last 20 years. They’ve been past the second round once since 2000 in a normal season and have missed the playoffs more times than they’ve qualified since 2008. They’re the “Cheese Bridge” level in Super Mario World; you have to go through them to get to the interesting stuff and now they’re favored like it’s the seventh game of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the other side’s best player is Eddie Shack. Ducks a must bet.

Vancouver -½ +175 over Edmonton

9:05 PM EST. Regulation only. The Canucks narrowly missed the playoffs, but they can take one more pound of flesh out of the McDavids before Edmonton makes another run at the Cup.

The Oilers have the world’s best player and have done jack since they got him. They are the poster boys for underachieving. They MUST do something this playoff season. Getting out of the first round would be a start but first things first. They MUST play this game tonight. It’s company policy. With pressure and expectations from this fan base and region higher than even the Maple Leafs, going all out and risking injury here would be silly. Imagine if one of their top 3 players got injured in a meaningless last game? Edmonton wants this game to come and go fast. The top-end players on this team were run into the ground and for this final game and we heard they’ll all be hooked up to oxygen tanks in order to be ready for the playoffs.

Seattle -½ +120 over San Jose

10:05 PM EST. Regulation only. The Kraken were not as bad as their record would have you believe. A solid home effort at the end of the year will go a long way to sending the fans home happy and setting a tone for year two. San Jose played in Edmonton last night and played hard. Tonight, there'll be no bite in the Sharks in this completely and utterly meaningless game. Seattle 100% wants it way more.

Arizona -½ +294 over Nashville

10:35 PM EST. Regulation only. The Coyotes have been racking up wins all week and relishing the chance to show what they’ve got against playoff caliber teams. The Predators are locked in and saving everything for their first round matchup. Furthermore, Nashville won in Colorado last night against a team that didn’t care and they needed OT to do so. Arizona cares and the 17 people in attendance also care.

Wagers won

Montreal -½ +350 over Florida = +7 units

NY Rangers -½ +145 over Washington = +1.9 units

Winnipeg -½ +190 over Calgary = +3.8 units

Seattle -½ +120 over San Jose = +2.4 units

Arizona -½ +294 over Nashville = 5.88 units

Wagers lost

NY Islanders -½ +240 over Tampa Bay = -2

Anaheim -½ +320 over Dallas = -2

Vancouver -½ +175 over Edmonton = - 2 units

Therefore 20.98 units in wins - 6 units in losses = a net profit of 14.88 units

Our Pick

8 NHL Wagers (Risking 16 units - To Win: 0.00)

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