Vegas @ OTTAWA
OTTAWA - +174 over Vegas

Pinnacle -½ +174 BET365 -½ +170 SportInteraction  -½ +165 BetOnline -½ +171 Bookmaker -½ +170

Posted at 10:45 AM EST.

OTTAWA -½ +174 over Vegas

7:05 PM EST. Regulation only. Things are not going well for the Senators. After winning two of three to open the year, Ottawa has dropped five of its last six games while the Golden Knights have won three of its last four with the only loss over that span coming against the Maple Leafs last game out. In terms of market credibility, well, you don’t need us to suggest that Vegas has outstanding street cred while nobody outside of Ottawa can name three players on the Sens.

As for Vegas winning three of four, two of the victories, over Dallas and Anaheim, went to OT. The other one was a 3-1 victory over Colorado but Vegas was the second best team on the ice that day and scored an empty netter, thus, they secured a win with two goals scored. We could seriously be discussing a team on an eight-game losing streak because prior to its last four games, Vegas had dropped four in a row. The beautiful thing remains that the market does not care about the performance. It only reacts to results, which will continue to provide us with opportunities such as this.

Speaking of performances, Ottawa plays hard, and for the most part, they play well. Had Matt Murray not been injured in the fourth game of the year to send Ottawa into its current tailspin, we would be having a different discussion here because Ottawa’s record would be much better. That said, Filip Gustavsson (Gus the Bus), looks like he belongs at this level and could instantly provide the Sens with some stable goaltending. We’ve seen Ottawa rally from three goals down recently against both Washington and Minnesota before losing but that reveals a determination in this team that is nothing but positive. With some stable goaltending, Ottawa would have beaten the Caps that day (a 7-5 loss), and they would have won at least two more games when they dominated the Rangers and lost and also dominated the Sharks and lost. They outshot and outchanced the Caps too. Also note that Tim Stuetzle has no goals but has had lots of chances. He has been one of the club's best players but it just hasn't gone in for him. Ottawa’s coach said no one has scored more than he has in practice. He's shooting it a ton. Point is, a player this good is going to score goals and reveals just how unlucky the Sens have been in shooting percentage and goaltending percentage.


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OTTAWA - +174 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.48)

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