Columbus @ N.Y. RANGERS
Columbus - +256 over N.Y. RANGERS

Pinnacle -½ +256 BET365 -½ +240 SportInteraction -½ +235 BetOnlin-½ +246 Bookmaker -½ +240

Posted at 4:30 PM EST.

Columbus -½ +256 over N.Y. RANGERS

7:08 PM EST. Regulation only. Quietly plodding along are the Columbus Blue Jackets with their 4-2 record after six games. The Jackets play a hard-nosed, disciplined style and they play it well. They also have some playmakers and a good mix of vets, leadership and youth. The Jackets' last three games have come against the Islanders, Hurricanes and Stars. They took two of three from that trio with the only loss occurring against the undefeated ‘Canes. The Jackets don’t rank lower than the Rangers in any key stats that measure long term success but they are priced like they are the vastly inferior team here. They’re not.

In this results based business, the New York Rangers have won four of their last five games, which looks pretty as pink on paper but let’s have a closer look at New York’s four wins. It started with a 3-1 in Montreal in a game the Rags mustered a mere 24 shots on net in while allowing 32 shots. Rangers lost the time of possession battle in that game and also lost the scoring chance battle. Next up was a 2-1 win over the Leafs in OT. One would be hard=pressed to find a more fortunate win over the past decade than New York’s win in Toronto. The Rangers were outshot 42-23 and allowed 34 scoring chances against while registering 13 scoring chances of their own. The Rags would then beat Nashville 3-1 where the Rags once again lost every key battle except on the scoreboard. Finally, New York would beat Ottawa 3-2 and again were on the extreme side of luck when Ottawa’s goaltender Matt Murray was injured late in the game with the Rags trailing 2-0. The Rangers would score three late third period goals against Anton Forsberg to pull a rabbit out of their ass. Last game, New York’s luck ran out and they lost to Calgary, 5-1.

The New York Rangers could easily be 0-7 this year. Every win was a lucky one while all three losses were well-deserved. Losing to Washington and Calgary by a combined score of 10-2 is not bad luck. When the Rags win, they win by the narrowest of margins and when they lose, they get whacked. Now they’re priced like they’re the Blues playing the Sabres. Jackets a must play.   


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Columbus - +256 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 5.12)

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