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NHL 2021

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NHL 2021

Monday, January 11th. 

The NHL season starts on the 13th of January and we’ve been getting plenty of emails inquiring about whether or not we are going to be posting some season point totals (NHL Futures). We’re also getting inquiries about our NHL Handicapping Contest so we’re going to address it here. 

The surging number of COVID-19 cases is both dizzying and alarming in equal measures. One cannot know how it will play out or how it will affect the NHL season. The confluence of ridiculous circumstances makes holding a wagering contest almost impossible, as part of the contest requires the handicapper to make X number of picks. There is a great chance that games will be postponed or cancelled and there is also the possibility of late scratches just before puck drop and after picks are made. It is simply going to be too difficult to amend or add rules that are going to cover all the possibilities that could occur. Therefore the NHL Handicapping Contest is a no go but I promise to hold it again next year providing things go back to “normal”. 

As for season win totals, well, it’s a risk that can play out in the bookmakers favor. For instance, after months of your investment in their vault, a late season outbreak forces a refund because of unplayed games in one scenario. We’ve all experienced questionable decisions by online books and betting an NHL Future will set one up for such a decision should things go a bit haywire. Every book has a set of rules and therefore it would require one to go through the refund rules with a fine-tooth comb and it still might not cover all the possibilities. Therefore, we’re going to skip NHL Futures this year. 

Finally, if you were thinking of betting an NHL Future, you must bet only unders because of the circumstances that is inevitably going to cause teams to play without several regulars before we even consider the normal amount of injuries. It’s an UNDER year and we love to take part but the risk outweighs the rewards.

We will be posting NHL plays daily! 


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