Tennessee @ PITTSBURGH
Tennessee +105 over PITTSBURGH

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

Tennessee +105 over PITTSBURGH

1:00 PM EST. Ok, someone is going to have to explain this one to us. Last week, the Steelers were a 3½-point pooch, in Minnesota, on a short week. This week, Pittsburgh is again the underdog, but at home and with extra time to prepare for this game. WTF? Thankfully, we were not the only ones who had this thought, and we are appreciative of the efficient market for jumping in here and taking a stand with the Steelers.

Update: The above paragraph was written on Thursday and pasted on Friday. It is now Sunday morning and the efficiemt market can't get enough Steelers. The Steelers are now favored by -1½-points but of course our postion hasn't changed. Today we get an even better price.

Below was also written on Thursday:

If something looks too good to be true—it probably is. Last we checked the sportsbooks were not in the habit of giving away money. Sure these joints may have a bad Sunday or two a season, but over time, it appears to be a pretty stable business model. That’s why when a number like this gets posted, it’s a big red flag. To those less inclined to dig deep and do the work, the Steelers must have looked like a freaking gift taking back nearly a field goal at Heinz Field against the Derrick Henry-less Titans.

It’s not like Tennessee has been lighting the world on fire either. A shutout of the Jags that finally got Urban Meyer run is not going to turn any heads. The Titans’ home loss to the woeful Texans in Week 11 is still a pretty damn big stain that stinks to high heaven. The drubbing (36-13) Tennessee took up in New England as the chaser to the Texans game also does nothing for the Flaming ThumbTacks reputation. The last time the Titans won a game with conviction was Week 9 on Sunday Night Football against the Rams. The first game without their franchise player. That’s six weeks without a meaningful victory and any one of the wins over the Chiefs, Bills or Colts (twice) that came prior were on the back of big ol’ #22.

There isn’t a week that goes by where we are not out here blasting the Steelers, but when you’ve got Chase Claypool out here doing dumbass Chase Claypool shit, we can’t lay off. We could blast this goofball all day, but we’re going to leave it to the man best suited for this job. He’s a top rated radio host, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the most famous Yinzer this side of AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker D.M.D., Mr. “DDMe” himself, Mark Madden, “Claypool cares about nothing but himself. He is everything a Steeler shouldn’t be. The best words to describe him are expletives.” There is so much more good stuff in Madden’s article this week, that we’ll link it here.

How can a team that has been as talented as the Steelers in the Ben Roethlisberger era cash in just one Super Bowl (which was almost 13 years ago now by the way)? That’s an easy one to answer. Tomlin has allowed selfish players to run roughshod at the expense of the rest of his roster. How can a guy like Ryan Shazier, who literally nearly gave his life on the field, look Tomlin in the face when he’s let fools like Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and now Claypool do whatever the hell they want regardless of the negative impact? Dan Rooney must be spinning in his grave.

To summarize, on the best of days, the Steelers are a team we want no part of. We’ve not been fans of Tomlin for ages (not that it’s hard to call a guy out for being an idiot when he stands on the sidelines with his finger up his nose for three hours every Sunday for four months for over a decade). As Madden suggests, there is a culture problem in Pittsburgh (and has been for a long time).

We’ll let “The Super Genius” play us out. When questioning whether coach Mike Tomlin would stand up and punish Claypool for his tomfoolery, MM dropped this gem, “Tomlin will do no such thing. He’s as impotent as the Steelers’ offensive line.”


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Our Pick

Tennessee +105 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.10)