BALTIMORE +7 -105 over Green Bay

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

BALTIMORE +7 -105 over Green Bay

4:25 PM EST. Talk about a gift from the football gods. While the status of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is apparently in doubt, dude missed practice all week and it does not take a rocket scientist to take one look at this price and question whether or not he’s going to play.

Enter “Great Value Lamar” Tyler Huntley, who no joke might be the best quarterback on this roster. While we tease Huntley, we like him. A lot. Dude is doing everything he can to convince the Ravens to NOT pay Jackson a king’s ransom in the offseason. The Ravens will probably do it anyway because these teams cannot help themselves, but owner Steve Bisciotti would be wise to look to the Bills in their handling of Josh Allen and then decide if he wants to give $250-million to a pivot who runs better than he throws. Baltimore was dead in the water last week in Cleveland until Jackson left the game with an injury. When Huntley came in, he immediately made an impact and almost led the Ravens all the way back from 21 points down to win the game. These guys love this dude and it shows. Go do your thing, Tyler.

“DumDum” was Discount Double Check(ing)® up and down the field on the Bears Sunday night, as per usual in a 45-30 Green Bay win. The Packers are now 10-3, in total control of the NFC North and currently sit as the #1 seed in the conference ahead of the Buccaneers and Cardinals (both also 10-3). To say the Packers’ stock is high might be the understatement of the week, but when you combine that fact with the woes of the Ravens, Green Bay is going to have much shine here. However, we cannot get behind spotting road points with the Packers in this situation.

Next Saturday is Christmas Day and for the moment (goodness knows which game gets shuffled next), the Packers are set to host the Browns. That's a pretty big goddamn deal. It's like playing on Thanksgiving and Monday Night Football combined. Most of the Western hemisphere will be home. What the hell else are they going to watch? The eyes of the betting world and anyone else they can rope in will be watching this game, do you think Dr. Diva and the Pack are going to bring their "A" game against this AFC opponent sans Lamar, after a prime time game last week and a Christmas day game isolated game next week? Expect Packers to bring their "C" game and even if they brought their A game, we'd still be taking back these pile of points.


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Our Pick

BALTIMORE +7 -105 (Risking 2.1 units - To Win: 2.00)