Chicago @ DETROIT
Chicago -3 -105 over DETROIT

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

Chicago -3½ -105 over DETROIT

12:30 PM EST. Family drama and the holidays go together like peanut butter and jelly, gravy and mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. For this helping of Turkey Day turmoil, we do not have to look any further than these Chicago Bears.

Reports this week out of The Windy City suggest that Bears head coach Matt Nagy will be fired following the traditional Thanksgiving tussle in Detroit. This story has dominated the headlines and with that comes great influence in the market. The Bears are almost untouchable here. Who wants to back a side with a lame turducken coach?

We’re not going to discredit the report or former veteran Chicago Sun-Times Mark Konkel, who dropped the bomb on Tuesday, however, it is worth noting that when asked about it this week at his media availability, Nagy denied the story. Honestly, we kind of believe him. Seriously, if the Bears were going to fire Nagy in the middle of the season—still a rarity in this league—they ought to have done it after their Week 9 loss to the Steelers right before the bye. At that time, Chicago had lost four in a row. Are we really to believe that losing a squeaker (16-13) to Great Value Lamar and the Ravens is really what pushed the Bears brass over the edge?

Whether or not Nagy gets canned matters not—Dude is in the coaching club and will be fine. What does matter is that there is a big target on the Bears’ backs. Their dirty laundry has been aired in public—their house is not in order—in short, the Bears’ stock is low, making them a strong “buy now” candidate.

Who is going to start at quarterback for the Lions? What about the Bears? Here’s a better question—do we give a shit? The books posted a number on this game when the statuses of Jared Goff and Justin Fields were uncertain. Since then, Andy Dalton has been given the green light by Nagy, further fuelling the market’s desire to fade the Bears. However, we love that The Red Rifle is going to get the call—he’s still the best quarterback on this roster. Meanwhile, the Lions easily covered with some dude at quarterback, who we aren’t even going to look up because it does not matter. Word is that Goff is likely back under center and that suits us just fine because there is a swelling in the market that THIS is the game that the Lions must win if they hope to get on the board. We’d argue, probably not but we’ll see. 

Let us not forget—this is the Lions, on Thanksgiving. It’s a rerun. We’ve seen it before, a 100 times over. It’s just like Gilligan’s Island for instance. Like, have you ever seen the Gilligan’s Island episode where the castaways are just about to get off the island and Gilligan does something stupid to mess it up? What about Three’s Company? Ever see the episode in which nobody knows what the fuck is going on and then near the end they all meet at the Regal Beagle and figure it out? What about House? Ever see the episode where some person has this mysterious illness and nobody can figure it the fuck out? Then right near the end, ol’ House himself figures it out? And finally, what about Love Boat? Ever see the episode where this couple is fighting as they board the boat and then by the end, they’re more in love then when they got on?  

Ever see the episode in which Detroit-hosted a Turkey Day game and lost? Wikipedia cites the 2012 “Butt-Fumble”, which in addition to the Mark Sanchez follie, was the same game that former Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz challenged a play that was to be automatically reviewed, which at the time netted him a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty and negated the review that was to happen, causing the Lions to eat shit on an 81-yard touchdown run by Justin Forsett—even though dude was totally down—thus the “Jim Schwartz Rule” was passed—ensuring the next time the review would still go ahead, even if the coach is a moron. Detroit is a Gilligan’s Island rerun and they’re not getting off the island in this episode. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends. Travel safe, enjoy the spread, and may your wagers be winners. Recommendation Chicago -3½ -105 (no bets).


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