Philadelphia @ DENVER
Philadelphia +117 over DENVER

Pinnacle +117 BET365 +110 SportInteraction +105 BetOnlin+105 Bookmaker +110

Posted at 5:15 PM EST.

Philadelphia +117 over DENVER

4:25 PM EST. Lots and lots to like about the Eagles here so let’s just get right into with the Broncos’ total stunner over the Cowboys in Week 10 as a double-digit pooch. While that game did not make our board, you can count us among the few that did not see that outcome as unexpected. We called Dallas’ “C” game, which is precisely what they brought. It happens. With that said, it is now time to change gears. The Broncos are one of those teams that the market cannot seem to get right, thus presenting us with another classic “zig-zag” situation. We’ll not take anything away from Denver’s Week 9 domination, but we will point out that the Broncos are now in a much different role here as the home chalk against the best 3-6 team that this league has seen in 30 years.

The return of Lane Johnson has solidified the Eagles’ above average offensive line. Veteran Jordan Howard and underrated Boston Scott give the Eagles an inside/outside running dimension. Jalen Hurts is the top running quarterback in the NFC and in case you hadn’t noticed, dude can throw the ball too. The Eagles have road wins by 26 and 38 points. They also have a road win in Carolina. Their losses were to San Fran early in the year (17-11) in a game they clearly were the better team in. A one score loss to the Bucs (28-22) could have also easily been a victory and let’s not forget last week’s 27-24 loss to the Chargers in which three game defining calls by the fucking, flag happy Locker Room employees did them in.

Philadelphia’s strength of schedule has been pure hell, as they have played Kansas City, Dallas, the Chargers, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Las Vegas. After playing that group, playing Wobbly Balls and the Broncs should appear in slow motion. We once again point out that the market sees wins and losses and mostly nothing else. That provinces us with this outstanding opportunity to grab the points with the superior outfit and we’re not going to miss it. Recommendation: Philadelphia +2½


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Our Pick

Philadelphia +117 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.34)

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