Houston @ MIAMI
MIAMI -4 -106 over Houston

Pinnacle -4 -106 BET365 -4 -110 SportInteraction  -4 -110 BetOnline -4 -108 Bookmaker -4 -110

Posted at 11:45 AM EST.

MIAMI -4 -105 over Houston

1:00 PM EST. At first glance, we had very little appetite to swallow points of any kind with the 1-7 Dolphins, and apparently, we were not the only ones, as the efficient market pounced and this line came down all week from its open of 7. The added information that Tyrod "Car Parts" Taylor would start this game has the market now frothing at the mouth to get a piece of the Texans. Why? Who is actually excited to see Taylor in the lineup?

The Dolphins made it past the trade deadline with the team intact, much to the dismay of every talking head on sports radio and television. The Fins have a Week 11 game at the Jets, so all is not lost if they cannot win this easiest of home games, however, Miami looks primed to unload on these woeful Texans.

The reality to Week 9's 38-22 loss to the Rams was that it was 38-0 until the middle of the fourth quarter when the Rams defense said, "Look, we gotta go. Can you lock the gate on your way out?" They were outscored 8-62 in the two previous games. They moved Mark Ingram to the Saints for a couple of late draft picks. At this point, the Texan's coaching staff is spending more time reviewing game tape from college football to see what they can get in April at the NFL Draft.

The Texans are just as capable of getting waffled and have been getting slapped around for weeks, while the Dolphins have been semi-competitive losing three times when their opponent hit a field goal as time expired. The Texans are not only an utter mess, but they are also mentally tired from all the abuse, thus, even Miami does not provide a safe place to hide. We cannot ignore that oddsmakers have the Texans in their sights and are using the Fish as ammo. We're stepping in.


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Our Pick

MIAMI -4 -106 (Risking 2.12 units - To Win: 2.00)

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