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Posted at 10:00 AM EST.

Atlanta +5½ over NEW ORLEANS

1:00 PM EST. This week the big question coming out of New Orleans is who will start at quarterback for the Saints; Taysom Hill or Trevor Siemian. Because these Falcons’ stock is so totally in the toilet, the answer is, “Does it matter?”

A breakdown of what Hill does better than Siemian or vice versa is best suited for the talking heads because we don’t care either way. Both are highly flawed QB’s and should not be favored in this range over Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

It’s going to be easy to write the Falcons off for another year at 3-4, but they sit just two games behind the Saints, and there are still 10 games to play. A 19-13 loss last week at home to the Panthers is the other slice of bread in a loss-win-win-loss sandwich the last four games that saw Atlanta win games over the Jets and Dolphins (whoopie) and losing at home (again) to the Football Team. Yes, we know Calvin Ridley is taking a sabbatical from the team, but all that does is further deflate the Falcons appeal.

Sometimes the number dictates the play, and that is certainly the case here. It appears as if there has been little to no reaction to the promotion of a new quarterback in New Orleans because of the Jameis Winston injury. No offense, it’s not like the dude was lighting the world on fire. We doubt this line would have been much different if Winston was playing or not. What that says about Winston remains to be seen, but there is little chance that he is coming back to be the starter in New Orleans. We’d have liked the Falcons in this spot based on this number regardless of who started for “Who Dat?” Although, to be honest, we’d rather have Ol’ Crab Legs in there.

The market perception here is that the Saints will be fine without Winston; after all, they’ve been fine without Drew Brees both in retirement and in Brees’ injury-plagued 2020. The Saints didn’t miss a beat without Brees last season, and that’s all the pundits are talking about. There were some high-profile games in that run with Taysom Hill as the starter, and those highlights are getting played over and over again. Proceed with caution here if you are looking at the Saints because Hill is a third-string tight end, and Siemian has washed out everywhere he’s been. Dude spent all last season on the Titans practice squad after one-year stints with the Jets and Vikings. All the credit for a 7th round draft pick for sticking around the league this long, but while he wasn’t quite Mr. Irrelevant in 2015, he was damn close. Who Dat? Who Dis? Very tempting to play the Dirty Birds straight up here.


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ATLANTA +7 -109 (Risking 2.18 units - To Win: 2.00)

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