PHILADELPHIA +103 over L.A. Chargers

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Posted at 10:00 AM EST.

PHILADELPHIA +103 over L.A. Chargers 

1:00 PM EST. The Chargers have lost back-to-back games after a smoking hot start to the season, which would normally have one’s stock trending in the wrong direction; however, that those defeats came at Baltimore and to New England have not tarnished L.A.’s shine, at least not concerning this matchup.

Meanwhile, the Eagles won last week, but it was at Detroit, so there is not much to be gained there when it comes to market perception. Philadelphia is just 3-5 and has not fulfilled the lofty expectations they had before the season started. The Jalen Hurts era has been hit and miss, with star runner Miles Sanders being hurt (again). When comparing offenses, this is going to look like a total mismatch, but it is on the defensive side where this game gets interesting.

We know it was just the Lions, but the Eagles were relentless in attacking Jared Goff last Sunday. Dude was on his ass all day, taking six sacks and at least a dozen hits. The Eagles D was out for its pound of flesh, and they got it. Combine that with the Chargers’ struggles in keeping the Patriots and Ravens at bay, and things suddenly start to look a little tougher for Justin Herbert and company.

If there is a blueprint on how to slow the Chargers’ offense down, the Ravens drafted it, and the Patriots implemented it. The Chargers gained just 208 yards of offense in Baltimore, and the Patriots forced Herbert into two interceptions by making sure he had no time to work. L.A. converted on just 4-of-12 first downs against the Pats, and Herbert was out front defending his porous offensive line, saying he feels “comfortable behind those guys”. Sure, Jan.

Herbert is a great young pivot, but he cannot do it all by himself. If the hogs up front aren’t willing to get dirty, it’s Herbert that is going to suffer for it. He’s already banged up with an injury to his throwing hand. Herbert was limited in practice Wednesday, and while he was a full participant Thursday, who really knows how he’s is feeling. As Herbert goes, so do the Chargers and they will now face Philadelphia's top-5 ranked secondary.


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