Washington @ DENVER
DENVER -4 -106 over Washington

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Posted at 12:00 PM EST.

DENVER -4 over Washington

4:25 PM EST. It took four straight losses, but the pundits and pick sellers are now hollering from the hills that the Broncos have been “exposed” after feasting on weak competition early in the season. Denver is now 3-4, suffering defeats to Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, and Cleveland in that order. That 17-14 Thursday night stinker against the Browns’ practice squad had to leave a bitter taste for the injury chasers that thought they were getting an edge against the the Brownies missing nearly anyone you’ve ever heard of. The Broncos were favored by a modest -1½ by kickoff in that game. This week, they are spotting even more and that cannot be sitting well with the market.

The Football Team deserved a better fate in Green Bay last week, but there is a reason the Packers have a reputation as “lucky good” this season. Fuck, did you see the finish to that game on Thursday night in the desert? Need we say more? Because we know that the Packers are not very good, we do not put much value in the Football Team getting hosed as others may. Look what happened when Washington played a pair of squads that are also riding on reputation at this point in Kansas City and New Orleans; the Football Team got molly whopped by double-digits.

We’re not saying the Broncos are a great team or even decent, they aren’t, but they are undervalued in a big way because nobody wants them. The books posted a number here on the Broncs that almost seems unplayable to anyone that played Denver last week. That brings out the zig-zaggers in droves and it;s our prompt to move in. By the3 way, this stadium doesn't give a fuck who suits up in orange or on the other side of the hometown Broncos, it’s the toughest place to play in football and has been for decades. That lore might not be quite as strong with Teddy “Wobbly Balls” Bridgewater at the helm, but that's the point. Injury chasers were a week early on the Broncos.


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Our Pick

DENVER -4 -106 (Risking 2.12 units - To Win: 2.00)

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