Green Bay @ ARIZONA
Green Bay +6 -105 over ARIZONA

Pinnacle +6½ -105 BET365 +6½ -110 SportInteraction +6½ -110 BetOnlin+6½ -109 Bookmaker -½ -110

Posted at 3:00 PM EST.

Green Bay +6½ -105 over ARIZONA

8:20 PM EST. If there was ever a game that epitomized the entirely fucked up nature of playing professional football on Thursdays, this might be it. Of course, that is since the last one, and the one before that. You get the point.

As the football world knows, Aaron Rodgers will be out there with a rag-tag crew of receivers that would make those in "The Replacements" look pretty appealing. The Packers will be without star receiver Devante Adams, who is in COVID-19 protocol, as is "#2" receiver Allen Lazard. On the defensive side, D-coordinator Joe Barry will also not make the trip to the desert because of that same issue. Those absences have the injury chasers out in full force, as this line has moved significantly since its opening.

Do the Cardinals need much of an introduction at this point? We are nearly midway through the season, and this team is 7-0 and on an absolute tear. The offense is putting up big numbers almost every time out, and the defense is gaining momentum, as its seen a steady decline in points allowed the last three weeks (22, 14, 10). Are the Cards overvalued? Probably. Is this price inflated? No doubt? Do we want to step in front of a freight train? Not really.

There is a reason we typically do not get involved with these TNF contests, and that is because there are far more variables in play than any other game on the board Sunday morning. Routines are broken, healing time is shortened, and about 9000 other things can go wrong. Quite frankly, there are so many better opportunities on a loaded Thursday night in October that this game is barely on our radar. We'll not begrudge anyone for how they want to spend their sports viewing time, but spending four hours on a game like this is not high on our list. That said, if you plan to watch, enjoy, may your wagers cash! Have a safe and pleasant night and if you are so inclined, take the points because they are inflated. No bets.


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Green Bay +6 -105 (Risking 0 units - To Win: 0.00)

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