Indianapolis @ TENNESSEE
Indianapolis +210 over TENNESSEE

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

Indianapolis +210 over TENNESSEE

1:00 PM EST. Zig-zagging is a concept that we discuss from time to time and it’s worth bringing up again here with regards to the Titans. Tennessee was embarrassed by the Cardinals in Week 1, which made them a target in Week 2 on the road in Seattle. A comeback win in the loudest stadium in the league against the Seahawks, a home juggernaut, has the Titans back on the market’s radar. However, now would not be the time to jump in.

How impressive was the Titans win at Seattle really? Well, they were down 24-9 at halftime and looked to be dead in the water. Led by Derrick Henry, Tennessee would rumble for three rushing touchdowns with the hat trick coming with just 29 seconds to go. A field goal with just under five minutes to go in overtime would seal it. Did the Seachickens take their foot off the gas? Oh and what about Week 1, when this defense was torched for 38 points? Are we supposed to forget about that?

To recap, the Titans were a -2½ point home favorite over the explosive Cardinals, a 6½-point pooch on the road in Seattle and now are priced in this range against the 0-2 Colts, whose quarterback has not one, but two sprained ankles. Will Carson Wentz play on Sunday? That’s the big question. If you are a frequent patron of this space, you know that we don’t really give a shit. To be honest, a healthy Jacob Eason is likely the far better choice for coach Frank Reich. Wentz missed the entire preseason and Eason actually looked pretty good. Regardless, this double-digit swing in the Titans’ price from Week 2 to Week 3 is a little rich.

The Colts might have little curb appeal at 0-2 or because of their question mark at quarterback, but do not sleep on this team. Even on his two twisted twigs, Wentz and company went stride for stride with the high flying Rams. At no point did Indy look outclassed. The 27-24 final was reflective of just how close that game was, as the Rams and Colts were near even in first downs (22-to-21), yards (381-to-354) and time of possession (31:32-to-28:28), which the Colts did win. Furthermore, had Imndy not turned the ball over twice in the first quarter inside the Rams 10-yard line, they would’ve been up 14-0. In Indy’s Week 1 loss to Seattle, you didn’t think we’d forget this common opponent did you? Indy dropped a 28-16 decision, but it deserved a better result. They dominated the time of possession (35:47-to-24:13) and had five more first downs. While a small sample size, perhaps our favorite thing about this Colts team is that they are playing disciplined ball. Just 2½ penalties per game for just 20½ penalty yards per game, both league bests. The Colts are not the dregs they are perceived to be and thus become one an extremely live underdog here.


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Our Pick

Indianapolis +210 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 4.20)