New Orleans @ NEW ENGLAND
New Orleans +125 over NEW ENGLAND

Pinnacle +132 BET365 +125 SportsInteraction +125 BetOnlin+127 Bookmaker +125

Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

New Orleans +132 NEW ENGLAND

1:00 PM EST. This game jumped off the board when we saw it and nothing has changed, as there is much to love about this potentially profitable situational play. Let’s start with the invading Saints, who saw their stock increase considerably after crushing the Packers in Week 1 then take a nosedive after an equally lopsided 26-7 road loss in Carolina, a game the Saints were favored in. At 1-1, the Saints don’t carry nearly as much curb appeal as they did coming into Week 2, which is one indication they could be undervalued here. Another would be market perception. The chatter this week is that the Saints, while talented, are in disarray. They had more than half the coaching staff out with COVID last week, have been on the road for over a month after getting displaced by Hurricane Ida, and they are without two of their three offensive stars from last season (Drew Brees retired and wideout Michale Thomas is injured). The Saints would appear to be a quality buy-low candidate based on their situation alone, but when you consider the spot the Patriots are in, New Orlean’s appeal gets even stronger. 

The Patriots got their first win in the Mac Jones era, but forgive us if we’re not quite ready to give the kid Tom Brady’s stall in the locker room. That 25-6 waffling of the Jets in the swamps of Jersey might have been the most misleading score last Sunday. Trust us, as Jets backers; we watched every moment because we love the pain. To say New York fed Jones and the Patriots the football like they were little baby birdies gagging on regurgitated worms from their mammy would be an understatement. The Jets moved the ball on the Pats all day, but one look at the box score tells the entire story. Set aside one key, luck-driven statistic and you’ve got an even ball game that looked to be a nail-biter. Factor in the four Jets’ turnovers, and now you know the rest of the story.

Man for man, the Saints are the better squad here, which includes the position that matters most -- Winston v Jones. Situationally speaking, this is a good spot for the Saints to catch the Patriots looking ahead on the schedule. In Week 4, the Pats host Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football. No offense to the Saints, but is it beyond Bill Belichik to totally blow this game off so that he could be as prepared as possible to shit on the prodigal son’s return to Foxboro? Dude wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t give that his full attention. We kid, of course (a little), but you can’t deny that next week’s game is 1000x bigger for the Patriots than this one is. If BB has any tricks up his sleeve, they aren’t coming out here.


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Our Pick

New Orleans +125 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.50)