MINNESOTA +116 over Seattle

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

MINNESOTA + 116 over Seattle

4:25 PM EST. The 0-2 Vikings deserved a better fate in Week 2, but as with horseshoes and hand grenades, close just doesn’t cut it in the NFL. A one-point loss counts just the same as 20 point ass kicking. So where does that leave the Vikings in Week 3? Well, the fact they are a pooch at home, even to the Seahawks, should say something about their market perception, no?

Seattle is 1-1, but there will be many in the market that will feel they should be 2-0 after blowing it against the Titans at home last week. Who’s to blame for that collapse? How about the defense, which squandered a 14-point fourth quarter lead. One could argue the Seachickens let up, but even if that were the case, that is not a characteristic one wants in a defense unit. 

A closer look at Seattle’s two games this season paints a much darker picture than its 1-1 start would indicate. The Seachickens were damn lucky to leave Indianapolis with a double digit win in Week 1 after playing a much closer game than the final would have you believe. They were just as lucky to be up 14 in the fourth quarter last Sunday. Through two games, Seattle was out-possessed 35:47-to-24:12 and 42:33-to-22:42 to the Colts and Titans, respectively. What that boils down to is that the Seahawks are relying on the “big play” to get the job done. That high wire act does not fly long term. If your offense cannot put together long drives and eat the clock, your defense will suffer. It wasn’t rocket science why the ‘Chickens folded like a cheap tent when the Derrick Henry express left the station and rambled on to three second half touchdowns.

Seattle has no business being favored here and it wouldn’t be had a bounce or two gone the Vikings way the first two weeks. Minnesota dropped both of their games by a total of four points. The Vikes could easily be 2-0, but they are not. This disrespectful line suggests to us that there is tremendous value in the Purple People Eaters. Now is the time to invest.


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Our Pick

MINNESOTA +116 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.32)