SAN FRANCISCO -3 -110 over Green Bay

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

SAN FRANCISCO -3 -110 over Green Bay

8:20 PM EST. A resounding 35-17 win over the Lions on Monday Night Football is the last image the market saw to close Week 2 and with that comes much more interest from that market than would have otherwise. Anytime Aaron Rodgers is taking back points, the Packers will be an appealing option, but that doesn’t mean they are the prudent play.

Green Bay was one of the favorites in the NFC, so their stock was artificially inflated before the season began. However, two weeks in, they’ve played in two blowout games, with the other being a 38-3 waffling from the Saints in Jacksonville in Week 1. So which team are the Packers, the one we saw on Monday or the one that started the season? The truth lies in the middle somewhere, but with Monday night’s win being the recent result, it will be the one that resonates the most.

That 18-point win flatters the hometown Packers. The Lions were moving the ball up and down Lambeau Field in the first half and Jared Goff was hitting his receivers with ease and made some nice throws the Packers could not defend. Green Bay even trailed at the half 17-14, but the Lions would not score again. Did the Pack turn up the D? No, the Lions came out of the tunnel, shoelaces tied together and tripped all over themselves. Detroit committed more follies than the Three Stooges in their prime. Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself, as they say. When you win the turnover battle and the opposition commits near double digit penalties, you should kick their ass.

What this game would have been had the 49ers and Packers completed their rumored draft-day trade will only be a “what if,” but it’s fun to think about what #12 would have looked like slicing and dicing his scorned lover with his boyhood flame. Instead, it’s Jimmy Garoppolo holding down the fort with rookie Trey Lance waiting in the wings. Not nearly as exciting, but that’s perfectly fine because a healthy Jimmy G is a pretty damn good one. So, too, are the rest of a 49ers side that is made up mainly of the crew that went to the Super Bowl just two years ago.

At 2-0, the 49ers are somehow flying under the radar. Maybe because they didn’t smash the Lions as the Packers did, or maybe because they put up just 17 points last week in their win in Philadelphia. Regardless, San Francisco is not getting the respect it should. That means the Niners are underpriced here and we have to attempt to take advantage.


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Our Pick

SAN FRANCISCO -3 -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)