Seattle @ LAS VEGAS
Seattle +131 over LAS VEGAS

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Posted at 12:45 PM EST. 

Seattle +131 over LAS VEGAS

9:00 PM EST. Preseason NFL has little to do with the X's and O's or the personnel on the field, instead it has almost everything to do with the coaches. Some of these guys will patrol the sidelines in Week 1 of the preseason like it's the goddamn Super Bowl. Enter Jon Gruden.

In his career, Gruden has been the poster boy for Jonny Try Hards in the preseason. Dude cannot help himself and has racked up a 36-18 record in two stints with the Raiders. Since his high profile comeback, Gruden is 6-2, posting back to back 3-1 records in 2018, 2019. The only reason "Chucky" wasn't able to pad those stats last year is because COVID wiped out the exhibition season. The market perception is that Gruden plays to win these games. However, it appears as though "Chucky" might be taking a different approach here in 2021. The Raiders will not dress Derek Carr tonight, but will instead go with Nate Peterman and Chase Cookus at the pivot position. Perhaps Gruden has figured out it's the games in September that count.

The Seahawks are led by Pete Carroll, who at one time was also known for his preseason prowess and to be honest, other than an 0-4 run in 2018, that reputation should still be intact. Carroll posted a 3-1 mark in 2019, and has three 4-0 marks in his decade in Seattle. Carroll is 25-15 overall and has to be worthy of consideration here. Most important is market perception that the Raiders will want to make an impression in Vegas tonight, as fans flock to this second year venue for the first time. That type of thinking has Seattle taking back a price they shouldn't be. Pete Carroll always wants to win and he'll do whatever it takes to rack up another W. That's worth a wager to be sure.


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Our Pick

Seattle +131 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.62)

Ravens +8½ and Rams +7½