L.A. Rams +3 +100 over SEATTLE

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Posted at 10:00 AM EST. 

L.A. Rams +3 over SEATTLE

4:40 PM EST. Jared Goff had thumb surgery on December 28th but managed to do some work on Wednesday and Thursday. He is listed as questionable and seems more likely than not to play, but he could be limited in what he does with a still-healing thumb. Or they could end up using both quarterbacks. What we know for sure is that the oddsmakers don’t give a fuck whether it’s Goff or backup John Wolford and if they don’t care, we don’t either. 

It’s been a smoke screen of gamesmanship by Rams coach Sean McVay about which of his quarterbacks – or both, potentially – will be trying to solve a Seahawks defense that according to the media and stats, has made a 180-degree flip from the beginning of the season until now. 

So, what else is the media pimping out for this game? Well, you’re going to read and hear about the Rams QB situation a million times until you start to believe that it matters. Oddsmakers say it doesn’t matter so let’s go with that. You’re going to read or hear about the Rams ill-timed injuries while the Seahawks no longer have to rely on the great Russell Wilson to carry the team, as the defense has stepped it up big time. What the media won’t tell you is that Seattle’s last six games came against six inept offenses in Philadelphia, the Jets, the Giants, Washington and San Francisco with its third string QB. In between all that, the Seachickens played the Rams too but L.A. put up more passing yards, more rushing yards and more everything in a 20-9 loss.  

If we’re using Strength of Schedule in the Bills game, it would only be reasonable to apply it here too and in that regard, Seattle’s SOS ranked 23rd out of 32 teams while the Rams SOS ranked 10th.

There's a coaching adage that says that there's six players on the field besides the offensive line, and the offensive coordinator's job is to make them all dangerous. At this point in the season, new playmakers are unlikely to emerge, and most offenses are stuck with what they have. The point is that Seattle is still a one-man show and its defense is getting way too much credit. We would also take Sean McVay 100% of the time over Pete Carroll. Add it all up and we get the more diverse squad, the better coached squad, the better defense and we also get a few points.


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Our Pick

L.A. Rams +3 +100 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.00)

Tampa Bay +3 +100 over GREEN BAY
KANSAS CITY -3 -102 over Buffalo