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PHILADELPHIA +10 -106 over Baltimore

Pinnacle +10 -106 BET365 +10 -115 SportsInteraction +10 -110 5DIMES +10 -110 Bookmaker +10 -108

Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

PHILADELPHIA +9½ -101 over Baltimore

1:00 PM EST. To say the Ravens have been feeding at the cupcake buffet might be an understatement. Through five weeks, Baltimore has wins over Houston, Cincinnati and Washington. Combined, that trio have three wins in 15 games. Their two other games came against respectable competition, Cleveland and Kansas City respectively. The game against Cleveland was in Week 1 when the Brownies were still working out the kinks. The second was a 34-20 loss on Monday Night Football at home to the Chiefs. We’re not going to take anything away from the champs, but they did just get beat at home by the Raiders as double-digit chalk, not to mention a somewhat fortunate OT win over the Chargers, thus putting to rest any talk that Kansas City is invincible.

We have been critical of Lamar Jackson since day one and the tape backs up the claims that he’s a glorified running back, except this year, he isn’t running, at least when it matters most and extending the drive. Jackson has taken off and cashed in just 10 first down runs in 41 rushing attempts for a 24.39% 1st Down%. Last season he was moving the chains at a 40.34% clip. Jackson consistently misses throws to open receivers, he often has one read and then checks down to tight end Mark Andrews. Unless you’re the Bengals, this is a very beatable team that has no business spotting points like this on the road.

What little market credibility the Eagles gained with Week 4’s Sunday night win over San Francisco is surely lost after both teams got whacked in Week 5. The Eagles lost 38-29 to the Steelers, while the 49ers were embarrassed 43-17 at home against the Dolphins. However, despite the unfavorable result, the Eagles were not outclassed by the Steelers. Philly was down just two points with 11:27 to go in the fourth quarter. If you backed the Steelers spotting 7½, as we did, you were sweating bullets until a 35-yard touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Chase Claypool with three minutes to go sealed the deal and luckily sent us to the pay window. Now the Eagles are taking back even more points at home to a one-dimensional offense that is probably the mosty overvalued team in the NFL.


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Our Pick

PHILADELPHIA +10 -106 (Risking 2.12 units - To Win: 2.00)