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Denver @ N.Y. JETS
N.Y. JETS -1 -105 over Denver

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Posted at 12:30 PM EST

N.Y. JETS -1 -105 over Denver

8:20 PM EST. The 0-3 Broncos rolled into a ball last week and hid from the visiting Buccaneers while the 0-3 Jets fell just 29 points short of the Colts last week. Now we can see them together, in the same place, where we want to think "at least one of these teams will win their first game." The Bengals and Eagles proved last week that even that is no certainty, as they tied their winless matchup. Start a drinking game. Take a shot each time the Broncos change quarterbacks or the Jets lose the ball but do not drive yourself home.

What are we supposed to do here? What is anyone supposed to do? We have to stick to our guns and try and figure out where the value lies so here’s what we know for sure: 

HC Vic Fangio's second season is already in flames while new OC Pat Shurmur doesn't have much of a chance installing a new offense in the middle of a pandemic with a busted-up offensive line and injuries to the skill players. Drew Lock's absence undermines any chance that they can recover without him. This game comes down to which team is missing the most starters and the Broncos are not quite as bad as the Jets. At least that's what the market is buying.  

Nothing like accepting the season is over when it is still September. The Jets rank No. 32 with just 37 total points after three games - that's 12.3 per game. Arguably the weakest of starting wideouts did not improve when they were all injured. The offense is already a wreck and there is open speculation that HC Adam Gase may not make it more than a week or two more before his inevitable firing. This team was already challenged to start the season with questionable talent and now have lost most of their mediocre starters. Worse yet, their defense is decent so opponents do not roll up obscene yards and scores on them. The Jets offense did give away two touchdowns to the Colts defense.

Sam Darnold gets a little worse every week. He's never had more than one touchdown in any game this year and he’s also thrown four interceptions. Meanwhile, Jeff Driskel was benched in the loss to the Buccaneers but Brett Rypien was no better. The Broncos signed Blake Bortles last week and he may sign and be ready to fill in. Drew Lock remains out with a shoulder injury. Driskel threw for 256 yards and two scores in Pittsburgh when Lock was injured, but was ineffective last Sunday. He's also been sacked 11 times over his two games played. The Broncos announced that Brett Rypien would start on Thursday. Denver is a mess. They are not only a mess but they have to travel on a short week with a coach that doesn’t know what time it is, let alone how to manage the time. The Jets at least have a QB. Sam Darnold will one day have the personnel around him to compliment his football IQ and talent. For this one isolated game, we get the Jets at a bargain basement price to beat the most beatable team in the NFL.


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Our Pick

N.Y. JETS -1 -105 (Risking 2.10 units - To Win: 2.00)