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Minnesota @ SEATTLE
Minnesota +131 over SEATTLE

Pinnacle +131 Bet365 +130 SportsInteraction +130 5DIMES +131 888Sport +130

Posted at 2:30 PM EST. 

Minnesota +131 over SEATTLE

8:15 PM EST. When you don't play, it's easy to be forgotten, which is why the Vikings are sailing under the radar in this spot. The last time anybody saw Minnesota, they were down 20 points at half time to the Broncos, but they rallied with a big fourth quarter before taking the lead for good at 27-23. The Vikings have only lost three games this season and only one since the end of September and that was on the road in Kansas City, although Matt Moore was the starting quarterback for the Chiefs that day. With Green Bay getting most of the attention in the NFC North, the Vikings are not getting their due. Some of it has to do with that much too close call with the Broncos, but it mostly has to do with quarterback Kirk Cousins and his reputation to take a dump on the field every time he plays in a meaningful game. When said game is a stand-alone in prime time, that poor opinion gets magnified tenfold. We are not interested in that narrative, as Cousins and company are more than capable of keeping up with the Seahawks. This price also suggests to us that the Vikes will be a live pooch, as +2½ is a dog number. Why didn’t the oddsmakers make this price at -3 knowing that Seattle takes a ton of action in their home games? Why? Why? Why?

The Seahawks are coming off a 17-9 win on the road in Philadelphia, but after the lowly Dolphins beat the Eagles, that victory doesn't seem quite as impressive now as it did then. Prior to that, however, Seattle won a high profile Monday night game and was the first to defeat the 49ers. The Seahawks are tied atop the NFC West with the 'Niners at 9-2, but this has been one of the more fortunate teams in the game because they are getting by on Russell Wilson and not much else. It's certainly not good coaching because anytime we see Pete Carroll, he's chomping his gum in his khakis like an asshole. This guy looks like he doesn't know what day it is most of the time, never mind what the down and distance is. Seattle's stock is soaring with four straight wins, but they easily could have been 2-2 or 1-3 had a bounce or two go against them. Two of those victories were in overtime (Buccaneers, 49ers). They were also outgained by the Falcons by 188 yards, but won 27-20. That win over the Eagles was ugly too, with Wilson being outgunned by Carson Wentz, which isn't easy to do. We've read it all when it comes to the 12th man, but you are no doubt paying a premium when you back the Seachickens at home. The market feasted with an easy Monday night winner last week in Baltimore and they are pounding Seattle tonight. The streets of Vegas are paved with the ripped up tickets of small prime time favorites playing at home, which makes the Vikings all that much more appealing. SKOL!


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Our Pick

Minnesota +131 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.62)