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Cleveland @ N.Y. GIANTS
N.Y. GIANTS +100 over Cleveland

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Posted at 1:15 PM EST.

7:00 PM EST. The NFL season might officially start in just under a month’s time with a clash between the reigning, defending, Super Bowl Champion Eagles hosting the Falcons, but we all know the real fun started last Thursday at the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. When it comes to wagering, the NFL’s preseason can be just as profitable as the regular season, as we have many of the same tools at our disposal, such as over and under-reactions to last season among other things that we’ll touch upon throughout the preseason.

Enter the Browns, who are coming off a winless season that has seemingly been forgiven and swept under the rug. If you have been following along in the offseason, the Brownies are being hyped as a much-improved side here in 2018, which might actually have a 0-16 team overvalued early on. There is no need to break down the X's and O’s in this game, but what we do know is that Cleveland has added two brand new quarterbacks including #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield, who has got the lion’s share of the attention at Browns' camp. His first appearance as a pro has brought more interest to this game than it would have had otherwise and the market has responded by pushing the Brownies to the favorites after they opened as a three-point pooch. Head coach Hue Jackson’s 4-0 preseason record last year has no doubt also influenced the movement of this line, but how did that work out for him in 2017? The Browns have bigger bones to chew this season and it starts with getting on the board for real when the games start to matter. A win tonight for Cleveland is about as worthless as the paper new quarterback Tyrod Taylor's contract is printed on.

The Giants were a total mess last season, but new coach Pat Shurmur will be looking to get off on the right foot here. This is not Shurmur’s first kick at the can either, as he was ironically in charge of the Browns in 2011-2012. In those two years in Cleveland, Shurmur was 2-0 in Week 1, which suggests he takes the first game if the preseason rather seriously. While that is a small sample size, a new coach will often like to rinse the stink of the old regime with a few wins no matter where they can get them. The Giants, too, have a lot of bad karma from last year to shake off and a win here in the first game of the preseason will begin the rinsing process immediately. With plenty to prove in 2018, the G-Men surely have to feel disrespected, knowing that they’re a pooch in their own barn against a historically horrible franchise coming off a zero win year?! Value is value and the G-Men fit the bill tonight. Who needs the regular season? Grab your hammer and let's get to work.

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N.Y. GIANTS +100 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.00)

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