LOUISVILLE -3 -109 over Syracuse

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Posted at 10:45 AM EST.

LOUISVILLE -3 over Syracuse

Cardinal Stadium – Louisville, KY

Streaming: Charter Sports Southeast

12:00 PM EST. Syracuse has tremendous market appeal here because the market is eating up all the bullshit fodder that touts sell as a reason to get behind a team. For instance, you’ll read that Syracuse is 8-1 against the spread (ATS) so keep betting them. That’s reason #1 to fade them, as the books are forced to compensate (offer less points) because football teams do not continually pay out ATS. You’ll read that Syracuse is coming off a bye and has had more time to prep. If there is proof that teams coming off byes playing teams that are not cover a high percentage of the time, please point us in the direction of said proof. That would be hard to do since it doesn’t exist. Another angle you’ll read about is the “revenge” angle. Syracuse was shut out by Louisville 30-0 last year and therefore payback is a bitch. That, too, is another completely useless angle that kills bankrolls. You may also read about Louisville’s lost momentum, as they have dropped four of five.

My friends, this has not been a great year in college for us. It’s been a struggle to be sure but you can’t always eat. Sometimes one must crap too but the bigger picture is that these philosophies or strategies we employ have been nothing but profitable over the past 20 years. All of the reasons above point to Louisville’s stock being low and Syracuse’s stock being high. All of the reasons above are precisely why the Cardinals are the prudent choice here. Incidentally, the Cardinals have outplayed several teams this season but in-game variance and shooting themselves in the foot have worked against them. That’s the type of thing we often look for because luck can turn around pretty quickly. Better team at home spotting a deflated price against a team that is paying off like a fucking madman. Yeah, we’ll bite.


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Our Pick

LOUISVILLE -3 -109 (Risking 2.18 units - To Win: 2.00)

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NEBRASKA -1 -104 over Iowa
MISSOURI +14 -101 over Arkansas