Wyoming @ SAN JOSE ST
Wyoming +133 over SAN JOSE ST

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Posted at 10:30 AM EST.

Wyoming +133 over SAN JOSE ST

CEFCU Stadium -- San Jose, California

Streaming: Fox Sports 2

2:00 PM EST. Buy low is a strategy that has not paid dividends this year but that doesn’t mean we should abandon our position. The Cowboys of Wyoming have dropped three straight overall but more importantly, they have dropped four straight against the spread, capped off by last week’s absolute miserable showing against New Mexico. Wyoming closed as a 19-point favorite last week and scored three points in a 14-3 loss. Over its last three games, Wyoming has scored a combined 17 points. Over the past two weeks, the Cowboys have scored three points combined in a 17-0 ,oss to Fresno and the aforementioned loss to New Mexico (14-3). Who the fuck wants to get behind a team that can’t move five yards? To suggest that Wyoming’s stock is low is an understatement of mammoth proportions. There is not a more unappealing team than a college football team that scores three points in two weeks, lost outright as a 19-point favorite and is on the road.

Nick Nash started the year as San Jose’s backup QB but an injury to Nick Starkel has paved the way for Nash to start the Spartans last four games against New Mexico State, Colorado State, San Diego State and UNLV. The Spartans covered the last two so in that regard, SJSU has covered two straight while Wyoming has failed to cover in four straight. That’s not a good look for the Spartans but it’s precisely what we’re looking for.

What San Jose’s record with Nash doesn’t tell you is that the two teams he beat are a combined 1-14. In the losses against San Diego St. and Colorado St. he completed less than 50% of his passes. Dude is a backup QB for San Jose for fuck’s sake. We’ll not sugarcoat Wyoming’s struggles on offense but sometimes defense sets up the offense and other times defense wins football games. In that regard, give a big edge to the ‘Boys. Wyoming’s defense ranks 40th in total defense and 10th in yards per play. The Cowboys have held opposing rushing attacks to 3.3 yards per carry in three of their last five games and they have allowed 171 yards per game passing or fewer in their last five. As for the Spartans' defense, well, they can’t get off the field, as they rank 121st out of 130 teams in time spent on the field. Even good defenses play poorly when they tire, and being worn out renders bad ones hopeless. Always be aware of whether the schedule helps or hinders freshness, the mental and physical toll of each game and the running "pitch count." Only a handful of teams have faced more plays than San Jose this year. This is San Jose’s 4th game in 21 days and one of those was a double OT loss. Wyoming outright gets this call.


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Our Pick

Wyoming +133 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.66)

BOWLING GREEN +6 -110 over Ohio
NEBRASKA -1 -104 over Iowa
MISSOURI +14 -101 over Arkansas