Closing Line Value report
CLV Report

College Football Closing Line Value Report

What you see below are the games for this coming week in NCAAF and the current line. Regular readers of this space are quite aware of our position on Closing Line Value (CLV) so this week we’re giving you the early opportunity to bet it if you like the strategy or to follow it to see that it's a startegy that does not work, despite what all the experts try and sell you. If you bet all the teams below, you are likely going to crush the closing line or get tremendous closing line value. You can also buy it back (middle) if you choose to.

This is really nothing more than us showing you that if we wanted to "beat the Closing Line" every week, we could.


Coastal Carolina -17½ (Thurs)

Cincinnati -28½ (Friday)

Stanford +10 (Friday)

Michigan State -5

Texas +3½

Bowling Green -13

Ohio State -20.5

Colorado State -105 PK

Buffalo +5½


South Alabama -1 

Oregon St. -3½

Notre Dame -1½

UTSA (San Antonio) +3

Michigan -3

Memphis +4

Nevada -33½

SMU -14½

San Diego State -19

BYU -4


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Our Pick

CLV Report (Risking 0 units - To Win: 0.00)