Davidson @ RICHMOND
RICHMOND -1 -103 over Davidson

Pinnacle  -1 -103 BET365 -1 -110 SportInteraction -1 -110 BetOnlin-1 -108

Posted at 5:00 PM EST.



RICHMOND -1 -103 over Davidson

7:00 PM EST. Davidson has won 12 games in a row after starting the season 1-2 and while we are not going to downplay such a run, we are going to point out that the level of competition has not been all that impressive. All credit is due in a 79-78 win over Alabama back in December, but aside from that contest, the Wildcats are the chalk every night. A relatively soft non-conference schedule that ranks just 197 on KenPom does not inspire. In fact, the only other two times Davidson has been a pooch this season aside from ‘Bama was against New Mexico State (+2½) and San Francisco (+6½) and those are the two games the Wildcats lost this year but all the market sees is 12 wins and two losses.

The Spiders are 10-6 and just 7-9 at the pay window. The Wildcats are 11-3 in that department, yet oddsmakers appear to be giving at least some respect to the home side. A deeper dive into the Spiders’ season show they have been playing some pretty tough schools including Maryland and Mississippi State. They’ve also played a slew of quality mid-majors in St. Louis, Wofford and Drake. Richmond has played a much tougher schedule than their opposition (ranking 80 on KenPom), which should serve them well in conference play. The Spiders are battle-tested and undervalued while the exact opposite is true of Davidson. Richmond's coach (Chris Mooney) has had great success in this matchup v Davidson's coach and it's becoming a proverbial monkey on Bob McKillop's back. Line says he ain't getting it off his back here.


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Our Pick

RICHMOND -1 -103 (Risking 2.06 units - To Win: 2.00)



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