Houston +6 -102 over SAN ANTONIO

Pinnacle +6½ -102 BET365 +6½- 110 SportInteraction +6½ -110 BetOnline +6½ -109

Posted at 2:00 PM EST.

Houston +6½ over SAN ANTONIO

8:40 PM EST. If you read our write-up on the 76ers game, you had to know this was coming. Even if you didn’t—you had to know this was coming. In the spirit of “sticking with it” we have to come right back on the Rockets tonight in San Antonio.

The Rockets might only have 11 wins this year, but the Spurs only have 15. That’s a reality check. San Antonio is not treated like the Kings, Pelicans, Thunder, Magic or these Rockets. Why? Because of “Pop”? No offense to the old man, but he should have stepped aside for Becky Hammon long ago. Instead, she’s going to the WNBA to get a head coaching gig. Glass ceiling saved for another day eh, coach?

Who are the Spurs, other than a name brand, to be spotting a number like this? In their last 10 games, the Spurs were a pooch in all of them. We could go back further, but you get the point. Hell, in their last two games, the Spurs were taking back +6½ against Minnesota and +10 against the Sixers. Now they are being asked to win by a margin against an enthusiastic squad that has left a sour taste in the market’s fickle mouth. The Spurs shouldn’t be spotting a number to the local JuCo thus scoop up the points and do not be afraid to play Houston to win outright.


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Our Pick

Houston +6 -102 (Risking 2.04 units - To Win: 2.00)