NBA Playoffs - Game 6
MILWAUKEE -5 -102 over over Phoenix

Pinnacle -5 -102 BET365 -5 -110 SportsInteraction -5 -110 BetOnlin-5 -110 Bookmaker -5 -110

Posted at 2:00 PM EST. 

MILWAUKEE -5 -110 over Phoenix

9:10 PM EST. If you live in Milwaukee and own a car, put it in your garage if you have one. If you don’t have a garage, park it in the ‘burbs because cars will get overturned tonight, While the temptation to take Phoenix to force a Game 7 is certainly there, the Bucks have gotten progressively better with each passing game, not only in this series but from the very start of their postseason run.

The Suns are not a big, physical team and while they shoot the ball well, it was Milwaukee who led the NBA in scoring. The Suns have shot better than 50% twice in a row and lost both games. Phoenix shot 80% from the field in the first quarter last game and lost. What happens when they don’t shoot 50%? What happens if they shoot something normal like 44% from the field? The Suns aren’t big enough to win the boards, and we’ve also noted that they haven’t been getting to the three-point line often enough. 

The Bucks are probably very happy to see Devin Booker driving the lane as often as he has been doing. Phoenix typically will get to the free-throw line fewer times than their opponent. Point is, we’re running out of areas in which the Suns can find ways to win. We really have not understood why the national narrative has, all along, been so heavy on the “Chris Paul and his quest to get a ring!” He’s a 6’1” point guard playing for his fifth NBA franchise, matched against bigger guards who’ve been giving him trouble, while Devin Booker — a little too early for Hall of Fame consideration — is going all Kevin Durant-like by taking way too many shots. This obsession with Paul and a title he supposedly deserves’ seems like a real force. Milwaukee is better, they’re bigger, much bigger in fact, and they’re far more balanced than the Suns. Let the celebration begin.   


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Our Pick

MILWAUKEE -5 -102 (Risking 2.04 units - To Win: 2.00)