NBA Finals Game 5
Milwaukee +148 over PHOENIX

Pinnacle +148 BET365 +145 SportsInteraction +141 BetOnlin+145 Bookmaker +145

Posted at 2:00 PM EST. 

NBA Finals Game 5

Milwaukee +148 over PHOENIX

9:05 PM EST. It’s another one of those “Series That Hasn’t Started Yet”. They’re 0-0 - 2-2. An NBA playoff series doesn’t begin until the road team wins a game, which hasn’t happened yet. It might happen tonight. After all, the Bucks shot only 40.2% from the field in Game 4, vs. 51.3% for the Suns, yet won the game by 6 points. They were mostly horrible from three-point range, with Brook Lopez going 0-for-5 and Jrue Holiday going 0-for-5. They are supposed to out-rebound, and out-free throw the Suns. They have been getting better as their post-season series progress, and did a good job of tuning out the noise when trailing 0-2 against Brooklyn and now Phoenix. The Bucks did a good job of keeping the Suns off the free-throw line in Game 4, as Phoenix attempted only 23 of them (and shot only 30.4% on the treys). That means that the Suns shot way better than 50% from 2-point range, which isn’t necessarily the way they want to go.

The Bucks are getting more shot attempts lately — 97 to 78 in Game 4. That’s extremely significant. Chris Paul had been the best player on the court in the first two games of this series, but he’s not close to being the best player the past two and that’s because it appears as though he’s battling some injuries. Dude has turned the ball over 15 times in his last three games. Devin Booker has missed nine of his last 10 three-point attempts, and he has struggled with his shot most of this series. The Suns are running out of gas while the Bucks tank is full. Milwaukee outright is the call.


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Our Pick

Milwaukee +148 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.96)