NBA Finals Game 3
MILWAUKEE -4 -103 over Phoenix

Pinnacle -4½ -103 BET365 -4½ -110 SportsInteraction -4½ -110 BetOnlin-4½ -108 Bookmaker -4½ -110

Posted at 12:45 PM EST. 

MILWAUKEE -4½ -103 over Phoenix

8:05 PM EST. You know the drill. If the Bucks are destined to win at least one game in this series, then this would be the one. Phoenix had very little trouble in beating the Bucks back in Phoenix but the NBA surely doesn’t want to see a one-sided final that ends early. The 0-2 home team usually has a semi-visible sixth man on its side if you look and pay attention closely — three of them actually.

Milwaukee figures to attack the basket from the get-go, looking to get DeAndre Ayton in foul trouble, which would force the Suns to play as small as a team can be and ruin any chance they have of speeding the game up and wearing down Giannis and his allegedly hyperextended right knee. Milwaukee outside shooters donated one of their trademarked bricklaying performances to the history books in Thursday night’s Game 2, shooting 9-for-31 as paid professionals who are allegedly the best at their craft. We’ve seen this scenario dozens of times this season and especially in the playoffs when the Bucks look like they couldn’t beat the Rockets one day and then look unbeatable the next. This is the next game out and while we don’t have a crystal ball to inform us if the Bucks will hit their shots or free throws, we do know that the stripes are on their side and they usually have a great shooting night after a poor one.


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Our Pick

MILWAUKEE -4 -103 (Risking 2.06 units - To Win: 2.00)