NBA Playoffs - Game 2
MILWAUKEE -8 -107 over Atlanta

Pinnacle -8 -107 BET365 -8 -110 SportsInteraction -8 -110 BetOnline -8 -109 Bookmaker -8 -110

Posted at 3:45 PM EST.

MILWAUKEE -8 over Atlanta

8:35 PM EST. That was a nice, brisk pace they played at in Game 1, going up and down quickly and putting up shots relatively early in the clock. A lot of them didn’t go in but both the Bucks and Hawks seemed very comfortable in their offensive flows. It was “one of those nights” for three-point shooting, with Atlanta 8-for-32 and Milwaukee 8-for-36, as this league has deteriorated into a place where a guy can get a maximum contract, have many nights of 0-for-9 three-point shooting (as the Bucks’ Khris Middleton once again had on Wednesday) and not be mandated to give back any of the money for stinking up the joint, again. Then you had  his teammate, Pat, Con-all-for-Naught-on, contributing 0-for-4 on treys and Brook Lopez, a seven-footer, shooting more than  half of his paltry total of 7 field goal attempts from three-point range, making only 1. Kevin Huerter and John Collins, the latter a 6’10” guy, combined to be 1-for-11 on threes for Atlanta. Collins was 10-for-11 inside the arc but was determined to take some shots he couldn’t make. 

In losing Game 1, the Bucks continued their two-season trend of Game 1 losses or non-covers  in victory. All of these shooting clowns on both sides are due for better results from beyond the arc but if Milwaukee chokes off Trae Young’s dribble penetration, which they switched to doing with good results during too-little, too-late time, the books figure they’ll clear the point-spread. 

Seriously, what are we going to say to make a case for Milwaukee? Their best player is a clumsy, turnover machine that likes to plow through guys like he’s playing Red Rover. Atlanta’s best player is poetry in motion that has eyes in the back of his head. Trae Young is wowing everyone, including Reggie Miller, who said last game on more than one occasion, “Put super in front of his star status”. Reggie’s not wrong and now the books are offering this guy and his team another 8 points after Milwaukee didn’t come close to covering eight last game?  We hate to spot eight points to Young and company but once again we’ll reiterate that we are not in the prediction business. The books aren’t giving away money and they’re begging you to take the points. Now it’s up to you to decide what to do. Milwaukee is the right play.


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Our Pick

MILWAUKEE -8 -107 (Risking 2.14 units - To Win: 2.00)