NBA Playoffs Game 3
PORTLAND -5 -102 over Denver

Pinnacle -5 -102 BET365 -5 -110 SportsInteraction -5 -115 BetOnlin4½ -115 Bookmaker -5 -110

Posted at 3:20 PM EST. 

PORTLAND -5 -102 over Denver

It must have been maddening to have been on the Blazers Tuesday night, watching them come back to force a couple of overtimes at +2 only to lose by 7. But there were people on Denver too, so tough teddy bears as they say. Nuggets’ forwards Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter, Jr. woke up to shoot a combined 16-for-24 in that game. Not expected, but welcomed, was 41 turnover-free minutes out of point guard Monte Morris off the bench, with 28 points. Morris hadn’t played more than 30 minutes or scored more than 12 points in this series’ first four games and his 11 trips to the line came after only seven combined free-throw attempts by him in the first four games. Yes, there is one anomaly after another that all went in Denver’s direction.

The Nuggets got 30 points rather consistently from now-absent Jamal Murray throughout most of their three-series postseason run a year ago. Like Austin Rivers going from 21 points to 7 from Game 3 to Game 4, you’d have to figure Morris for a similar next-game regression here in Game 6 of a series Denver leads 3-2. The refs performed an instant-elimination of Portland center Jusuf Nurkic in Game 5, citing him for a second-half glut of offensive fouls and limiting him to 5 of the 34 minutes that were played after halftime. You may read that the Blazers got no production out of anyone but Dame last game, which is true but what happens if the supporting casts decides to show today, which is also more likely than unlikely.

We are going to split this up a bit. First, we’re going to play Portland -5 in tonight’s game for 1½ units.

Our second wager will be Portland to win the Series @ +200

Total risk is 3.03 units


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Our Pick

PORTLAND -5 -102 (Risking 1.53 units - To Win: 1.50)

L.A. Clippers +7 +101 over UTAH JAZZ
Atlanta +7 -102 over PHILADELPHIA