NBA Playoffs Game 3
WASHINGTON +6 -102 over Philadelphia

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Posted at 12:00 PM EST. 

WASHINGTON +6½ over Philadelphia

7:05 PM EST. The 0-2 team comes home. Boston worked the situation last night with 50 points from Jayson Tatum. The Wizards have two guys capable of filling it similarly, Westbrook and Beal, so they’re in with a shot. You’d like them more if they played better defense but it is rare to see a team with two superstars go down in four straight and now we have a rather hefty amount of points to work with.

The 76ers mostly played Game 2 at their pace (slower than the Wizards would want) and they held the visitors to 95 points. Now that Washington returns home, the underdogs figure to speed things back up and produce something more along the lines of Game 1—which resulted in a 125-118 victory for Philadelphia. The Wizards led the league in pace of play (possessions per game) during the regular season, were third in the league in scoring and that makes them a very dangerous home dog.

The Wiz are not winning this series. They just don’t play enough defense to beat a 76ers’ squad that does. However, much like Trae Young in New York getting treated like a criminal, so, too was Westbrook in Philadelphia and that is a highly motivating factor. The Wizards have a victory in them and if it’s not Game 3, then we’ll come back on them in Game 4.


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Our Pick

WASHINGTON +6 -102 (Risking 2.04 units - To Win: 2.00)

MILWAUKEE -5 -103 over Brooklyn