NBA Playoffs Game 3
ATLANTA -4 -107 over New York

Pinnacle -4½ -107 BET365 -4½ -110 SportsInteraction -4½ -110 BetOnlin-4½ -112 Bookmaker -4½ -110

Posted at 2:45 PM EST. 

ATLANTA -4½ -107 over New York

7:05 PM EST. The Knicks were well on their way to being down 0-2 in this series after two home games but out of nowhere, BOOM, the Hawks went ice-cold from the field from the middle of the third quarter all the way to the final bell. Some may argue that New York’s great defense had something to do with it but we’d argue otherwise, as Atlanta missed open shot after open shot after open shot and there is no explanation for it. That didn’t prevent the New York media to write that the Madison Square Garden crowd lifted the Knicks to victory. New Yorkers have watched so much bad basketball for decades, so it’s easy for the story-writers to imagine that scenario to have been true. The real truth is that New York shot a crummy 38.3% in victory, enabled by Hawks’ futility. New York’s weak shooting is sustainable while Atlanta’s is not. There’s no other way to spin it other than the Knickerbockers got very lucky that all those open shots missed. Tonight, the Knicks will not be as lucky. 

Shooter for shooter, this series is not even. Man for man, this series is not even. Atlanta is vastly superior in every department other than defense (on paper) but we’re not convinced of that either. Then of course there is the motivation level for Trae Young and his mates after the Hawks were treated worse than Son Of Sam by the Madison Square crowd while they were in New York and also on their way out the door.

Trae Young is the best player on the floor and it’s not close. Not that Young needs more motivation but this classy kid talks with his play on the court and not with his mouth. It goes without saying that the New York crowd poked the bear (Young) and we’re going to trust that Trae has never been more motivated for a game in his life than he’ll be tonight to stick it to not only the Knicks but to their fans as well. Spot the points. 


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Our Pick

ATLANTA -4 -107 (Risking 2.14 units - To Win: 2.00)

L.A. Clippers +7 +101 over UTAH JAZZ
Atlanta +7 -102 over PHILADELPHIA