NBA Playoffs Play-in Game
WASHINGTON -4 -102 over Indiana

Pinnacle -4 -102 BET365 -4 -105 SportsInteraction -4 -105 BetOnlin-4 -101 Bookmaker -4 -108

Posted at 4:00 PM EST. 

WASHINGTON -4 -102 over Indiana

8:00 PM EST. These two defense-optional clown shows played a three-game All Star Game-like season series swept 3-0 by the Wizards, by scores of 132-124 on March 29, then 154-141 and 133-132 (OT) on May 3 and May 8. Leopards don’t change their spots. It’s not a playoff series; it’s one game to decide who plays Philadelphia in the First Round series. Go-go-go. Shoot-shoot-shoot. Score-score, score. Wave your arms a little on the defensive end to make it look like a good effort, shout, “Miss it!,” then get the ball up the floor and attack the basket or shoot a three, or both. Caris LeVert took 30 of the Pacers’ 100 shots in their slimmest of the three defeats (in a 35-14-11 game for himself). He has picked a bad time to get a virus protocol sentence into isolation. Beal and Westbrook combined to score 88 points for the Wizards in that game. Without Myles Turner’s interior defensive presence, the Pacers have to outscore opponents to win, a task more difficult in this match-up without LeVert on the floor. The Wizards are just fine with playing a game in which the opponent is trying to do it their way.


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Our Pick

WASHINGTON -4 -102 (Risking 2.04 units - To Win: 2.00)

MILWAUKEE -5 -103 over Brooklyn