PORTLAND -10 -105 over Denver

Pinnacle -10 -105 BET365 -10½ -110 SportsInteraction -10½ -110 BetOnline -10½ -110 Bookmaker -10½ -110

Posted at 11:30 AM EST

PORTLAND -10 -105 over Denver

9:10 PM EST. In a game not without meaning for both teams, we have to question the price here. What we have here is a 47-24 Nuggets’ team taking back a Rockets-like number against a team six games below them in the standings. How can that be?

Are the Nuggets too good to be taking three possessions worth of points? They might be, but as they enter tied for the #3 West seed with the Clippers, a loss by Denver tonight would guarantee that they wouldn’t have to play the Lakers in the First Round, and it would give Portland a win that would force the Lakers to be in the Play-in Tournament, during which Lebron or Anthony Davis could be injured (or, lose) and lessen the chances of last year’s champion and this year’s favorite to win another title, which would improve anyone and everyone else’s chances. Make sense? Yes. In a perverse and almost conspiratorial way. The Nuggets have had guard-rotation issues and the Blazers are quality-guard powered, which is a tiny bit more fodder but in reality, the price on Portland, which looks unreasonable, assures us that we’re on the right side. In other words, Denver taking back double-digits is one of the more enticing prices we’ve seen this year and that’s a massive warning not to bet them.


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Our Pick

PORTLAND -10 -105 (Risking 2.10 units - To Win: 2.00)

MILWAUKEE -5 -103 over Brooklyn